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Comment Kudos for saying Kelvin and not degrees Kelvin (Score 1, Informative) 142

Kudos for writing 225-260 Kelvin and not 'degree Kelvin' or 'Kelvins' in the summary. Slate f'ed up though. They wrote 'Kelvins'. I have seen even reputable scientific writings using degrees prefix with Kelvin. It's very disheartening to see that even some scientists don't get it that you don't use degrees when talking about absolute temperature.

Comment Absolutely (Score 1) 249

My manager totally shielded me from all the meetings and endless debates about business requirements. I wouldn't go to meetings for several days in a row. Just programming, music and beer. Now he's gone (resigned) and they haven't replaced him. Those were the days!

Comment Not the First Time (Score 3, Informative) 84

During World War II, Americans were very keen and excited to get their hands on scientific data from the Japanese after nuking them, especially all the data from human experiments which were not feasible in US. When they got the data, they realized most of it was non-sense. They had been randomly doing experiments on humans without any clear hypothesis or theory and most of the data did not make much sense.

Submission + - Generator Failures Caused Amazon Cloud Outage (

1sockchuck writes: Last week's major outage for Amazon's cloud computing service was triggered by multiple generator failures at a single facility in the eastern US, the company said. The downtime knocked many sites offline, despite the fact that only 7 percent of instances in a single Amazon availability zone were affected. The impact of the power problems were magnified by a bug in Amazon's load balancing system, which prevented some customers from shifting workloads to other availability zones and regions. The company apologizes and outlines its plans to address the issues in a lengthy incident report.

Submission + - The year of Gingerbread continues: ICS penetration crosses 10% (

zacharye writes: Google debuted its brand new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system last week during the annual Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco. The latest Android build touts a number of exciting new features but if history has taught us anything, most users won’t be able to begin enjoying those features until some time in late 2013 or early 2014...

Submission + - Violence Significantly Alters Children's DNA, Causes Premature Aging (

An anonymous reader writes: Early exposure to violence may alter children’s DNA to produce cellular changes equivalent to seven to ten years of premature aging, according to a new study. While scientists have previously found associations between childhood stress and later disease risk and health problems, the latest study is the first to link stress to accelerated biological aging in childhood.

Submission + - Firefox 12 released, introduces silent, Chrome-like updater (

MrSeb writes: "Firefox 12 has been officially released, with only one major new feature: A silent, background updater. Now you will have to approve the Firefox Software Updater when you first install Firefox, but after that the browser will update silently — just like Chrome. In other news, the Find feature now reliably centers the page on any matches — hooray!"

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