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Comment Re:They want no cash (Score 1) 558

Coins can are easy to steal, and untraceable. My former boss also ran a coin operated Car Wash and had $1500 stolen one night, about 15 years ago, they never got the thieves even though they had pictures of them. That was one weekend profit for the car wash in 2001 or so. I will never forget it, since he was mad for months after that...

Comment Re:For someone who represents the people (Score 1) 352

Where I live (I have Comcrap), you CAN"T lease a Modem, they infact told me that when I called them early this year, you had to go buy a modem, they gave me a list of stores where I could buy one. I do agree their service is crap, I have had 3 cable internet companies since 2000. Comcrap only being the latest... The last time I called them I asked about my bill, they downright LIED to me over the Phone, I would switch if I could but I would have to go back to dialup, since their are NO other who service where I live, across the street, they have 3 DSLs but ONE one on my side of the street.

Comment Re:Shared screen; no driver troubleshooting (Score 1) 106

I don't about you but I have my computer hooked up to my 40 inch widescreen TV, and it works great. The TV has HDMI and VGA inputs, and the video card VGA and HDMI outputs. The TV and computer cost under $1000. What don't you like 360 controllers? I got a 360 controller from a friend for FREE after he replace his second 360, he had 3 over the year, I believe. I also have two wired USB controllers also but I tend not to use them,

Pluto's Haze 63

Today brings another release of images from NASA's New Horizons probe. This time, it includes an image taken seven hours after closest approach, when the probe was looking back at Pluto. It captured the dwarf planet in silhouette: the body of the planet is in darkness, but the atmosphere is luminous with deflected sunlight. "A preliminary analysis of the image shows two distinct layers of haze -- one about 50 miles (80 kilometers) above the surface and the other at an altitude of about 30 miles (50 kilometers)." Before this picture, scientists didn't expect to see such haze more than 30 kilometers above the surface.

Other findings released today include preliminary indications that Pluto's atmospheric pressure has dropped sharply from early observations. This may indicate that the atmosphere is in the process of freezing and falling to Pluto's surface. Finally, new close-up pictures of the surface transmitted back to Earth show direct evidence of nitrogen ice floes reminiscent of glacier movement on Earth. The dwarf planet also seems to be rich in methane ice and carbon dioxide ice.

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