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Comment Re:100% pure BULL SHIT (Score 2) 145

The C64 also has the SX64, C128 (after all it did include the C64), 30 in one Joystick, and the C65, also I most likely missing some other versions of the C64 too. So if your going to include all the different versions of the RPi, you should all include all the different versions of the C64.

Comment Re: Which computer is in first place? (Score 1) 145

MS wrote Basic 1.0 for Commodore, C64 has Basic 2.0, which at the time they were up to 4.0 but the C64 didn't have the memory for 4.0, so they put 2.0 in the C64. Every version of Basic on the Commodore computers were written by Commodore except 1.0. When the C128 was released MS was big enough to tell Commodore they wanted they NAME on it again.

Comment Re:They want no cash (Score 1) 558

Coins can are easy to steal, and untraceable. My former boss also ran a coin operated Car Wash and had $1500 stolen one night, about 15 years ago, they never got the thieves even though they had pictures of them. That was one weekend profit for the car wash in 2001 or so. I will never forget it, since he was mad for months after that...

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