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Comment Re:Importantly (Score 1) 263

That depends on where you are in the US. Two states that I know of(Georgia and Louisiana) provide free tuition to all students with a certain GPA and test scores. In Louisiana the test score requirement is lower than the admissions requirement at the larger Universities, so pretty much everyone at LSU gets free tuition.

Comment Aptitude != Interest (Score 1) 564

Some people can have a lot of skill in a subject yet still be uninterested in it and perform poorly due to their lack of interest. A relative of mine had great grades in Biology in undergrad(GPA = 3.99), so her professors pushed her into medical school. She made good grades but didn't enjoy what she was doing so after 2 years and a huge amount of debt quit. She now works in the school system and loves her job.

Telling someone that they should do something solely because they are smart will end badly. Gifted student often feel an obligation to use their gifts. This is usually good. But it can cause a gifted student to persist in a career that she doesn't enjoy. So encourage your niece to achieve, but make sure she is happy with that path first.

Submission + - Excellent Hands-On Emacs Editor introduction

An anonymous reader writes: Master the Emacs editor and delve into the depths of its most advanced editing commands that have made it famous. The open source Emacs editor is a large, complex application that does everything from editing text to functioning as a complete development environment. This provides a hands-on introduction to the most important Emacs editing concepts and features, that will give you the solid foundation you need to master to the basics of the Emacs editor.

Submission + - The illusion of 'net neutrality'

frdmfghtr writes: IHT is running an opinion piece on 'net neutrality.' Christopher Wolf writes about the harm of net neutrality legislation, ending with:

The astonishing growth of the Internet has been due to a "hands off" policy, with the marketplace and existing laws creating the parameters rather than rigid regulatory edicts whose adverse side-effects could well be severe. Let's hope lawmakers and policymakers keep that in mind.

Submission + - Does a Master's degree benefit an IT career?

An anonymous reader writes: Some people have claimed here that they have done fine career wise without degrees, and I was wondering about a situation in the opposite direction. Do master degrees help at all career wise in the IT or software development fields? Is there any value in mixing up your degrees, for example a bachelor's in CS and a master's in Applied Math or Business, or getting a CS master's degree to make up for a bachelor's in a non-IT field like science?
Operating Systems

Submission + - PC World's 10 Worst PC's of All Time

AlisonTrylon writes: "Misery, heartbreak, sorrow, and despair. No, I'm not talking about adolescence; I'm referring to what happens (http://www.pcworld.com/article/id,129857-page,1-c ,desktoppcs/article.html) when you're stuck with a PC from Hell. Systems that were overpriced and underpowered, parts that failed two days after the warranty expired, marathon phone calls with brain-dead tech support staff — over the years we've suffered more than our share of ills, and so have millions of other innocent PC users. But picking these 10 Worst PCs of All Time wasn't as easy as it sounds. First we had to set a few ground rules. Number one, we focused strictly on desktops. (We'll leave the flaming/exploding laptops for another occasion.) Two, these machines had to have shipped to consumers — no vaporware or concept computers allowed. Tres, we decided to ignore systems we've kicked around elsewhere (like the IBM PCjr, the Gateway 10th Anniversary PC, and the FreePC, all part of our 25 Worst Tech Products of All Time story), and hone in on a different batch of turkeys."
Operating Systems

Submission + - Computer glitch fouls health insurance numbers

coondoggie writes: "Those damn computer glitch grinches were at it again. This time they struck the US Census Bureau who today restated its numbers on the numbers of Americans without health insurance. In a nutshell, the agency lopped off 1.8 million from the government's list of the medically uninsured — not because they now have health coverage but because of you guessed it — a computer systems error. It was a pretty good one too because the agency said the glitch has been in the system that for at least 10 years. And by the way, the number of people without health insurance is still pretty darn scary even with almost 2 million people subtracted: The revised estimates show that 44.8 million people, or 15.3% of the population, were without health insurance in 2005. The original estimate was 46.6 million, or about 15.9 % of the population. http://www.networkworld.com/community/?q=node/1282 4"

Submission + - Computer Science Careers Outside of IT?

Pojodojo writes: I have been pursuing a CS degree for the last two years at a very reputable University in the field, however I have recently come into question my intentions past graduation. I am currently working as a Student IT at school, and do not mind the IT environment, however I am almost certain it is something I would not want to do as a career. I am not particularly gifted in programming, nor am I that interested in it, I enjoy the theory behind the programming far more. The problem arises in that I would like to get a doctorate in CS eventually, but I do not know of any careers outside of academics that would be enjoyable for someone such as myself (one whom would rather not program all day). I would not mind being in academics, but what I want to know is: What sort of careers exist outside of the IT field for a computer scientist?

Submission + - France PS3 Launch Event A Flop

yannack writes: Sony's PS3 launch event in Paris last night was a flop (French link, with videos). The opening of the FNAC (major French distributor) at 00:01 a.m. was nowhere overwhelmed by the hundred of PS3 buyers as it was expecting a crowd of around 3,000 (similar figures were observed for the PS2 debut). As for the other event at the Eiffel Tower, it had the unexpected visit of a boat spanning XBOX-360 logos !
After Sir Howard Stringer (Sony CEO) openly admitted yesterday that the PS3 might fail due to excessive price (Engadget), are Sony executives about to see a major set-back in their PS3 plans?

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