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Comment On the Other Hand... (Score 1) 443

In the US, we have chosen a system where the strong get stronger, and corruptly use that strength to crush rivals. Paying off legislators, dumping product below cost, price-fixing, cannabalizing, all have the effect of destroying competition and limiting choice for you and I. Make no mistake, this is why M$ is so strong. They have destroyed countless businesses and lives by bulldozing competitive balance, with their radical self-interest.

About half the population instinctively hews to the strongest --in any struggle-- simply because they look like they're going to win. This is anti-progress and anti-intellectual, but has been the case since the beginning of time.

So, let's do the math and see what happens: M$ continues to grow and destroy competitors (Real, Oracle, Ericsson, Nintendo), until M$ is our only source for software, computers, phones, gameboxen, internet, news, etc. One provider for everything. Do you think they'll care about you, then? What if you object to their billing? They cut you off and you're dead. Now we are actually patenting nature's genes, and patenting general business processes?! Mathematically, the only environment that can result from our current business climate, is a single provider for everything, and only two classes: royalty and peasant, the complete opposite of what The Party would have us believe. Which class will you be in? If your house is not presently in the top 5% of your city, guess what? Do you think that they're going to make you rich, if you support them? Has your position actually improved in the past three years, or did they screw you?

So tell me now: how can monopolies possibly be a good thing? What's wrong with treating Winduhs like a utility, which must be overseen in the public interest, given that it is unbiquitous? Some act like there'll be a giant bureaucracy to do this, but have a look at the first chart in this article.

No, look at it carefully. ZERO private-sector jobs in February, and 21,000 government jobs, after three years of Bush "economics"!! And as a bonus, we slingshot from a $350bb surplus, to an historic $550bb deficit in just three years!! This is the opposite of what you promised us!! We've been not only robbed & raped by these dirty-tricksters, but insulted as well. We know where the money really goes.

Until these conservatives can actually run an economy without stealing our Treasury, they should shutTF up. I call on all Party members to exercise some of that 'personal responsibility', and write a nice fat check today to the U.S. Treasury, to help cover our childrens' new debt.

And from now on, insults, smears, and ridicule, will be met with the same. We're learning your nasty tricks.

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