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Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 412

If there is a god, surely s/he will make contact directly rather than allow a referral fee to be paid. Is it a bandwidth issue or something?

Yeah s/he/it lives in a rural area and none of the ISPs want to run cable or fiber out to so s/he/it is stuck with dial-up. S/He/It considered satellite but it just ended up being too expensive and had too much latency. So in the end, when s/he/it does dial in he has to talk to the first person s/he/it connects to and a lot of times they end up being whack jobs.

Comment Re:Patent Law? (Score 1) 255

Makes sense, and I can understand that it would take time to arrange all the pieces necessary to file the case. So it could just be (unfortunate or fortunate, depending on how you look at it) timing that makes it seem like more of a money grab than an actual defense of IP.

Comment Re:Patent Law? (Score 1) 255

I realize that, I just think it's sketchy for the company to have sat on the the suit for so long and just so happen to file it after Windows 8 and WP8 were released.

Like I said in my previous post if MS violated their patent then some kind of penalty should be applied, but that doesn't make the timing of the suit any less suspect. From an outsider's view it seems like SurfCast sat on the patent and suit until they thought they'd be able to extract the maximum amount of cash.

I would think that a company that actually cared about its patent/product, and isn't just trolling, would file suit or some other sort of defense soon after it discovered the infringing product.

Comment Re:Patent Law? (Score 2) 255

That's the way I see this, WP7 has been out for quite a bit and only now they are filing the suit?

If MS violated the patent than SurfCast should certainly get some money out of them, but if I was the judge I'd have some questions as to why they filed now and not when the tile interface was first released in WP7.

I know next to nothing about court procedures or trials so I'm not even sure if that's within the judge's purview though.

Comment Re:doesn't matter (Score 3, Insightful) 1152

If the evangelicals want to have religion in school, then add comparative religion as a curriculum item (and ensure that major religions past and present, are brought up)

I went to a catholic high school and that was my sophomore or junior year of religion class. We learned all about different religions and philosophies (Shintoism, Taoism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam...Christianity wasn't included because that's for the other 3 years of school). It was also one of the classes I remember the most and really set me on my path to agnosticism. I think a comparative religion class would be a great class to include in most school curricula.

Comment Re:They're pretty (Score 1) 317

Nokia Lumia phones are pretty and the WP8 interface is a joy to use, but, when the honeymoon is over, we need APPS, which WP8 doesn't have.

This... The WP8 OS itself, from most perspectives, looks pretty good. The lack of apps is a large detriment though, plus it's probably getting harder and harder to get people to switch from a platform they have become increasingly invested in over the years of using it. Who wants to have to repurchase apps for a new OS (if they are even available)?

Between this and the shunning WP8 and WP7 phones seem to get from most cell stores (from my limited experience) they'll probably keep the few people, like me, who are slightly invested in the WP environment or those that are platform agnostic, have no or only a minor investment in another OS, and are looking for something different.

Comment Re:idiotic politically correct fears indeed (Score 1) 1223

Living in AZ I've seen some of the things you mention.

Mormons do seem a bit more cliquey than some of the other religions though. When I first moved into my neighborhood I had a few of the Mormon neighbors come over and talk to me on a somewhat regular basis. As they got to know me and eventually find out I'm agnostic, and would not be converting, they stopped talking to me, not slowly one by one but all at once. This being my first dealings with any Mormons I was kind of taken aback.

One of the guys I work with, and is married to a Mormon but isn't Mormon himself, confirmed that's generally how it is and that they are a very tight knit group.

This is just a single anecdote from my limited experience so take it with a grain of salt.

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