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Comment Re:Firefox's Memory Hassle (Score 1) 585


It has been a long running joke with Firefox. The Firefox 7 Beta does seem to be A LOT better on the memory. I have 7 tabs open and it is only using 249mb, it would easily be on 450+ by now on Version 6. I was *this* close to moving to Chrome due to Firefox and its RAM addiction. No crashes in FF7 yet either.

Comment Re:Not only graphics (Score 1) 568

Since when did speed become the only thing to affect the immersion of a game?

While there is more options for move/action placement on a keyboard. You can still make great FPS and some lighter on the slots RPG's on consoles. I find the argument of mouse/keyboard vs controller to pointless most of the time. In the end it all boils down to what works best for you. Crunch gear did a good piece on this a few years back now :

The main benefit to console gaming is the greater chance of a working game out of the box, compared to the troubles of running games on pc.

Comment Re:How is this revolutionary? (Score 1) 83

<quote><p>makes it available to the general public at a low price point. </p></quote>

Point me to the item that does what the Kinect does, with the simplicity and cheapness of that Kinect. Cheapness, and how easy it is to use can be a game changer in any market.

On the hardware side, it is nothing MAJOR, such as an easy universal robotic language(which everyone uses) would be. However, it does mean more interactive robots that can navigate and recognise objects better. It will add all that, at a dirt cheap price and the implementation of it is only getting easier.

Comment Re:Quality is the issue for me (Score 1) 173

I have to agree, it also seems to make the media player open and being playing a song after closing it some times. I have yet to see a pattern, other than with 10 minutes of closing the app it may play a random song, perhaps scrobbling issues?

Either way, i mainly use to store all the data on songs i have played since 2008. To save/backup that data you can use * Scrobble Mapper. Which after pulling the data can then save it to either windows media player or itunes. I tend to find it a horrible waste not to do something with that data.

So you can also make cool background images of all the bands you have listened too using **Music Quilt Screensaver or get even more stats using *** Extra Stats.

I plan to carry on using, it is a good service (crappy app aside). Though i will mainly only scrobble to it. I will think about paying just to support them.


Comment Hacked, Blames Messenger (Score 2) 367

*Headline taken from :

A much easier headline.

Despite the term hacker not defining whether good or bad, instead only indicating circumvention of computer security. It has been used so virally in the media, that it now tends to infer that a malicious hack was carried out. In short the headline "PlentyofFish Hacked Founder Emails Hackers Mom"seems to suggest that the founder of PlentyofFish had found the person who breached his servers and then emailed their mother. However that is not the case.

Comment Re:Why spread the data around? (Score 1) 93

The level of data gathered is not all that great either. Sure not something you want to hand out, but ANY ONE could get all the data by war driving. Google owned up to it as well, which blows my mind at how people have practically burnt Google like that are the ultimate evil. In the end Google should have gotten an easier time for owning up to it, and offering to securely destroying all the data, better still they refused to hand it over to anyone, Thank you Google.

Google is still one of the few companies i would consider to be reasonably trustful. I would also like to see anyone else own up to something like this, after how badly Google has had it.

Comment Re:Statistics (Score 0) 233

Still this is way out of normal for Microsoft now. Unless they are hoping to sue everyone who pirates it, or better yet they are leaving the door open for a new DRM - such as having to have an internet connection 24/7 ;).

M$ Office is too much in my mind, most homes i have seen too dont bother paying it anymore and have gone over to OpenOffice for what little they use the damn thing.

Comment Re:This is news? (Score 1, Informative) 113

<quote>The summary does not do the article justice. This is the first line from the actual article:<blockquote><div><p>Picture a spider-like robot that teaches itself to walk, can adapt when damaged and watches its maker as he moves around the room. That might sound terrifying.</p></div></blockquote><p>
The exciting thing is that the robot could compensate when part of itself was damaged and get around/over obstacles</p></quote>

The whole point of a Genetic Algorithm is to learn what is the most effective way for it to move. If you remove a leg, it will just run through its simulations again and find a new way of moving.

Infact a topic very close to this was covered in January

There they learn to hunt and run away from each other, the video is so much cooler.

Comment Re:This is news? (Score 0) 113

Yeah as far as i know this has been down for years now too. I dont understand why it is now considered news.

A quick youtube, -- GA in progress

That robot is doing the samething. Every uni student is told about how to get a robot how to walk - Robotics student that is.

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