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Comment Re:Good for a laugh. (Score 1) 197

Interesting exercise in cherry-picking statistics until you actually look at the link.

However, you neglect to mention India with nearly the same population as China, which only has 17% smartphone penetration compared to China's 58%. So in China and India aggregated, "most of the population still doesn't have a smartphone" is true, and considering that Pakistan, Vietnam, and surprisingly even Japan are well below 50%, I see no reason to think Wilson's claim is inaccurate.

Comment Re:Those 2% raises don't add up over time... (Score 1) 296

If I have to spend all my personal time learning things for the next job then there isn't much point being in technology at all.

Not to mention the many instances have you ever seen in your IT career where someone was hired on the basis of some technology s/he picked up in their own spare time? I can't say it never happens, but in 20 years in IT I've never seen it happen even once.

Yet the mantra that we all should be spending every last waking non-working hour chasing after every fad-of-the-week language/framework seems to be pervasive around here, even as it flies in the face of economic reality, not to mention basic human nature.

Comment Re:two for T (Score 2) 766

Sadly on the last thread about this there were a bunch of people who were terrified of dangerous perverted transwomen. It is unfortunately impossible to reason with someone whose brain is taken over with fear.

Especially when you consider that the entire "bathroom mandate" makes zero sense even if you are so terrified.

If a transgender man (born female, identifying as male) uses the men's room, that person will invariably use a stall, and therefore no one will know the person is transgendered. For a transgender woman using the ladies' room, where there are only stalls, same one' s the wiser.

But when you have a law that says people must use the bathroom of their gender at birth, you are now mandating that people who appear male must use the ladies' room, and that a transgender woman can be standing at the next urinal over. Either y'all are totally comfortable with that, or y'all really ain't thought it through too good.

Comment Re:What is it with Europeans and Bald Eagles? (Score 1) 137

In the United States they were endangered most of my life (until about 10 years ago), and still to this day it is illegal to "own" one in captivity except under certain very rare circumstances.

Evidently, it is not rare enough circumstances to prevent this particularly egregious fucktardery, which also shows that some of the most "patriotic" 'Murkans have no problem with it at all.

But I do agree...just leave them the fuck alone.

Comment Re:We actually don't WANT better ransomware (Score 4, Informative) 67

Well, it seems to me that two things are likely true:

1) Making malware code public helps malware programmers (current and aspiring) write better malware programs.

2) Making malware code public helps anti-malware programmers (current and aspiring) write better anti-malware programs.

Who benefits more? I honestly don't know. However, my bias is towards openness over secrecy, and I think it needs to demonstrated that the risks of making malware code public outweigh any potential benefits.

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