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Comment Re:The truth is that it does not matter. (Score 4, Insightful) 1066

IF global warming is anthropogenic then it is a direct function of population size.

No, it's a direct function of the aggregate amount of heat-trapping gasses put into the atmosphere by all of the people on earth. If you could magically lower the rate of population growth to zero or below tomorrow, yet at the same time more and more of the developing world adopts more carbon energy demanding western lifestyles, you still won't have fixed the problem. Conversely, if we could magically make it so that we could have an equivalent lifestyle on a small fraction of the carbon-producing energy we use now, we could still maintain population growth with greatly reduced carbon output.

I'm not arguing in favor of continued population growth, anything but. But population alone is not the driving factor.

Comment Re:My recollection of Kindergarten, circa 1986 (Score 1) 228

My kindergarten year was 1969-1970, and my experience was pretty close to what you describe. I remember the teachers making a big deal of the fact that I could already read in kindergarten, and they didn't start with the Dick and Jane books until 1st grade. While I'm not one to grumpily castigate "kids these days", if they're pushing kids that much harder nowadays, I'm not seeing any particularly positive results from it.

Comment Re:No --- really --- it isn't (Score 5, Insightful) 38

Software which I use that uses QT: 4K Video Downloader, Calibre, Google Earth, KeePass, MuseScore, PokerTH, Stellarium, Virtual Box, QBittorrent (not on list).

Software that uses QT which I don't use but I believe is pretty popular: Adobe Photoshop Album, Doxygen, Guitar Pro, last.fm, Parallels, Spotify, Wireshark. That's not counting games or dev tools.

Considering that I'd be hard-pressed to list that many useful desktop apps in, for instance, Java, I'd say it's a reasonably impressive list.

Comment Re:Good for a laugh. (Score 1) 197

Interesting exercise in cherry-picking statistics until you actually look at the link.

However, you neglect to mention India with nearly the same population as China, which only has 17% smartphone penetration compared to China's 58%. So in China and India aggregated, "most of the population still doesn't have a smartphone" is true, and considering that Pakistan, Vietnam, and surprisingly even Japan are well below 50%, I see no reason to think Wilson's claim is inaccurate.

Comment Re:Those 2% raises don't add up over time... (Score 1) 296

If I have to spend all my personal time learning things for the next job then there isn't much point being in technology at all.

Not to mention the fact...how many instances have you ever seen in your IT career where someone was hired on the basis of some technology s/he picked up in their own spare time? I can't say it never happens, but in 20 years in IT I've never seen it happen even once.

Yet the mantra that we all should be spending every last waking non-working hour chasing after every fad-of-the-week language/framework seems to be pervasive around here, even as it flies in the face of economic reality, not to mention basic human nature.

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