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Submission + - Musician faces 20 years for YouTube video ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Evan Emory, a 21-year-old aspiring musician, edited together video of him singing a G-rated song to a bunch of giggling school kids, combined with video of him singing a song with sexually explicit lyrics, and posted it on YouTube. For this stupid joke, admittedly done without getting permission from the children shown "hearing" him sing naughty words, done many times by professional comedians, he is facing 20 years in prison as a sex offender. On the pretext of looking for "souvenirs" of child sexual abuse, his house has been searched by police, and the Muskegon County (Michigan) Prosecutor has insinuated (with no further evidence) that Emory actually wants to have sex with children and claims he "victimized every single child in that classroom". Emory insists he had no such intention.

Tesla Roadster Data Logging Format Reverse Engineered 141

s1axter writes with word that "the data log format for the Tesla Roadster has been reverse engineered and documented, now available in Python. (Python script linked in the post.)" From the linked blog entry: "Not only was I given a $110k car unrestricted I was requested to see what ECU information is available, collect and parse the data from it. Tesla Motors periodically collects information from their vehicles presumably to see what real-world driving the cars see. On original Roadster models there is no method to collect this information remotely thus someone must go out to the vehicle and collect it. The owner of the vehicle saw this and wanted to know what information was collected on these service calls ... Because I am a big fan of freedom to modify a program to fit ones needs, I have uploaded the ... python script to parse Tesla logs."

Comment (Score 1) 502

Actually I watched the olympics from CTVs website and the quality was great - everything was in high def and there wasn't too much lag between the TV feed and the online feed. Add that to the fact that you can stream news networks online and there's no reason for me to have satellite/cable. I'm 21 and a lot people my age feel the same. Nobody really sits down to watch TV anymore - even big shows like Lost just tend to get watched in between classes on laptops. And cable/satellite costs more than a decent internet connection. You'll probably see my generation largely give up 'dumb' appliances like televisions with subscriptions to closed networks in the next decade.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 4, Insightful) 509

I've never really understood why people are afraid to play online if they aren't good. When you play tennis for the first time, you'll get your ass handed to you also. When you played chess for the first time you probably lost badly. Is it the fact that you might get chewed out by some 15 year old you'll never meet?

Comment Re:The Olymp-whats? (Score 2, Insightful) 134

Even more than that, it is a pure humanist celebration. Even though two countries hate each other, they compete together fairly under the same rules, and acknowledge when they lose. The entire world is also looking at one city for a while and if you follow the coverage you'll inevitably understand that place a little better.

And that's just the sports, there is all sorts of cultural stuff that goes on. Saying the Olympics are all curling and ribbon dancing is like saying the world cup is just a bunch of people kicking around a ball.

The Almighty Buck

Submission + - D B Cooper's Loot Serial Number Search Engine (

An anonymous reader writes: After over 35 years, the ability to check if you have a bit of D. B. Cooper's loot, from his 1971 skyjacking, has been made a lot easier. Now, offers the "D B Cooper's Loot Serial Number Search Engine". Built by Hat Creek Software & Consulting, the search engine allows users to easily input the serial number of any $20 bill that they believe may have been part of the still-sought Cooper's cash.

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