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Comment Re:That's funny (Score 1) 65

The problem is licensing. I have a 3 channel corporate license for...TV 8... So, what they do is try and get you to upgrade to a higher version.... ESPECIALLY sneaky is the window that pops up "There is a newer version etc etc" and prompt you to install it.

I tried this once and received the message "your license does not support this version". The client now has a setting where you can tell it not to notify you of updates unless within the major version of your license. I believe so many people got screwed by updating and then having a non functional license that they HAD to add this.

IIRC my corporate license was somewhere between $3000.00 and $5000,00 CAD dollars and they wanted over half that again to enable my license for version 11.

Comment Re:It's almost like a fetish (Score 1) 288

You must not have very much experience with IBM DB2 scenarios......When I upgraded to 256GB in my DB2 server I had to buy a license upgrade to utilize the RAM. Prior to that I had to upgrade the license to use all 16 cores in that server.

Not only do you pay the extra licensing fee, but a percentage is tacked on to the annual support cost. I think it was 16% more in my case.


Ten Dropbox Engineers Build BSD-licensed, Lossless 'Pied Piper' Compression Algorithm 174

An anonymous reader writes: In Dropbox's "Hack Week" this year, a team of ten engineers built the fantasy Pied Piper algorithm from HBO's Silicon Valley, achieving 13% lossless compression on Mobile-recorded H.264 videos and 22% on arbitrary JPEG files. Their algorithm can return the compressed files to their bit-exact values. According to FastCompany, "Its ability to compress file sizes could actually have tangible, real-world benefits for Dropbox, whose core business is storing files in the cloud."The code is available on GitHub under a BSD license for people interested in advancing the compression or archiving their movie files.

Comment Hellcat wins rematch (Score 1) 171

In the initial run, it was rather obvious the Hellcat driver was, shall we say...new at this sort of thing.

If you do a quick search (I'm too lazy to do your work for you) it is the top Google result.

The Hellcat was also under rated by Fiat and in reality, the detuned version for sale now is around 750hp, crank.

Rumor has it that the engine was making closer to 800+ before the Engineers came to thier senses..at the bequest of the marketing droids of course, since you cant have anything as pedestrian as a Challenger usurping the spotlight from the flagship model (Viper).

Comment Re:UPS (Score 1) 236

You are correct. Combined, in both my racks are 12 3U battery backups. Roughly $1200.00 each. Worth every penny.
All my servers have redundant power supplies, so each P/S on an individual server uses two separate devices.

We also have an 8cyl Detroit diesel generator that kicks in when the mains drop, probably takes less than half a second, BUT I remember one time the fuel guys forgot to fill it, it ran for an hour and quit. Shit happens. My batteries are good for 20 to 40 minutes depending on load and by that time a yard guy had filled it up and restarted it. Has a 100 gallon tank btw.

All the desktops (except a few) survived as well.

Comment Cribbage (Score 1) 274

Why would /. editors leave out crib? Great game and if youre stuck without a board and pegs, just use a piece of paper. Although personally I only like 2 handed, up to 4 can play as well.

Both my sons have gotten very good at it and when we get bored with movies or video games, crib it is!

Comment Mouth Closed plus Education (Score 1) 246

This would be a good time to subtly remind your users, or at least the higher up ones that they should never put something in an email they would be afraid to see in court, or directly read to the recipient, face to face. In the same conversation, you would mention that due to your job, you have access to everyone's email account (as you must) because SOMEONE has to administer it.

You cannot evade office politics, ever. Just don't do stupid things like buy a new hire a 27" Dell Ultrasharp while your bosses son in accounting is using a 19" Chinese knockoff. Common sense.

Don't take sides, remain neutral when Sally tells you what an asshole Bill is. DO NOT run over to Bill and tell him. That is what Sally wants.Eventually the peons will stop and perhaps your boss will realize he can share something with you, without the entire company knowing 5 minutes later. Common sense.

Dont play favorites. If the biggest dick head in the company needs a new workstation, get it for him. If you dont, you are only hurting your company, not the dick head.

I could continue, but you probably get the drift by now.

Comment Wheres my walker? (Score 3, Insightful) 370

Full disclosure: I am 56 years old.

I've found over the years that a lot of smaller, family owned or privately run businesses will hire older personnel for the experience factor alone. Granted, I'm a Sysadmin, not a programmer.

The larger companies are shackled by company policy (written or unwritten) HR, fixed pay scales and so on. I do believe money comes in to play as younger can mean considerably cheaper, but if that person takes 3X longer to accomplish the task, how much are you really saving in the long run?

The company I've worked for the last 8 years has 50 employees, 11 servers, 65 workstations, laptops, phones, tablets, and so on. I'm also involved in special projects which I have time for because all our systems run smoothly. I can take time off without fear of something bad happening, barring hardware failure or user stupidity.

I tried hiring an assistant, but didn't have much luck. Anyone who could actually help me, and was knowledgeable were few and far between. I got lots of kids who "played with computers" but had no clue on AD, Domains, and so on. I was willing to pay 50k to start by the way.

Anyway, of course age discrimination exists, as does other forms of discrimination. It has simply moved below the surface whereas previously it was overt. I know many companies I have dealt with would hire me in an instant because they know my skill level, however I would have one Hell of a time on the open market at my age. I doubt I would make it past the HR drone.


Comment Whatever happened to common sense? (Score 1) 490

If we ignore the "law" for a moment, I'm having a hard time understanding why ANY sane person would blow through a stop sign. There could very well be a hidden drive way or road on one side of it. By the time you look left, then right, another vehicle could have easily pulled out that you may not have seen.

I find the "right of way" advocates even sillier.
We can put this on your tombstone " Here lies John Doe, tragically taken from us in an intersection by a large SUV, BUT HE HAD THE RIGHT OF WAY"

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