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Comment Re:What some people don't get (Score 5, Funny) 760

Is that scientists, on average, are not crazed alarmists. They work in a field full of cut-throat peer review where the one who truly, verifiably disproves the most long-standing stuff gets the recognition and the spoils. Their language is conservative, a wide range of speculation must be admitted for consideration but they're going to err on the side of caution.

There's nothing in nature short of a major mass extinction event to match what we're creating. I can't fathom why anyone's having kids. The kids we have already are truly screwed.

I'm guessing you're no scientist.


Submission + - Repairing Graphics Cards At Home, The Easy Way

crazyeyes writes: "I never knew it was possible, but it is apparently possible to repair dead or damaged graphics cards by ourselves. These guys even make repairing dead graphics card look easy.

They actually have two graphics card repair guides. The first repair guide covers large components like inductors and capacitors while the second repair guide teaches you how to handle smaller SMD components.

I have never seen anything else like this online. They actually take you through the process step-by-step. Super for card repair virgins.

The second guide is really a continuation of the first, so I recommend you start reading the first guide. There are stuff in the second guide that assumes you have already read the first guide."

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