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Submission + - Boxee Explains GPL violation (

Pvt_Ryan writes: Tom Sella from Boxee, explains the GPL violation allegation.

"Yesterday there was some noise in the open source community that a utility included with a pre-release version of the Boxee Box software is licensed under the GPLv3. The utility, gpgv2, came in a pack of gpg utilities, including libgcrypt, which we use, and was erroneously included – but never used, and we subsequently removed it from the Boxee Box software. We have already put a new internal process in place for adding new F/OSS to Boxee and we are also doing a complete audit of our software to better document the licensing of the open source code we use."


Submission + - Virgin Media Hijacking searches 1

Pvt_Ryan writes: So I was typing a site's name into my address bar, normally (on ubuntu with firefox) this would perform a google search if not found otherwise it would take me to the site. (For example I was typing "facebook" instead of ""). Instead I got redirected to .

I think I'll be calling to complain about this.

Submission + - XBMC 9.04 'Babylon' Released

Pvt_Ryan writes: XBMC 9.04 'Babylon' was released today.

Among the many new features in XBMC 9.04:
  • PPC (PowerPC) support for Mac OS X,
  • VDPAU (NVIDIA GPU Hardware Accelerated Video Decoding for Linux),
  • updated Codecs,
  • new Karaoke features,
  • more Media Info Scrapers,
  • improved FanArt support,
  • enhancements to the XBMC Skinning Framework making it even more flexible and powerful.

For the full list of what is new in this version of XBMC please see the 9.04 milestone on trac.


Submission + - EEE PC falsely advertised

Pvt_Ryan writes: A friend of mine just bought an EEEPC 1000, and decided to put vista on it (why I shall never know). After stripping it down with vlite and installing he discovered that the EEE PC doesn't have 1 40gb SSD drive in fact it has 2, 1x7.5gb and 1x32gb. Thinking "ahh well that's fine", he found with vista he ran out of space so he reinstalled vista to the 30gb ssd drive only to find it is very very slow.

After some investigation he discovered that it is actually 1x7.5gb SSD and 1x32gb SHDC.

He bought it from misco which advertises "40 GB Solid State Drive" implying that there is 1 drive of 40gb. Even on Asus's own site it advertised as 1 40gb drive which it clearly is not

Personally I don't think this is fair or right, he even says that he wouldn't have bought it if he had known and is annoyed at wasting £350 (~$700). I have suggested he contact Misco and get them to refund him and change the wording on the site. I also think he should contact Asus and get them to reword their site.
Operating Systems

Submission + - DELL not supporting Vista x64

Pvt_Ryan writes: "Ok I bought a Dell Vostro 1500 with vista 32bit.

Now I have decided that as the hardware is more than capable I want to update it to Vista x64. So I went to the dell support site and low and behold the options for drivers are only for vista 32 or XP ( I am almost sure that there used to be x64 drivers there!).

So calling the dell tech support ended in a protracted discussion were they insisted that they would only support the OS shipped, I was insistant I didn't want "support" I just wanted the drivers, which I am fairly sure they have to supply as the vostro carries the vista logo.

Directly from under "Hardware Logo Program Requirements":

Q. Does the logo program include x64 requirements?
A. Yes, there are requirements specific to x64 and IHVs submitting drivers for the logo program must submit an x64 version when they submit any 32-bit versions. OEMs using x64 implementations must have signed drivers available to end users if shipping a 32-bit version of Windows Vista on the system.

Now am I no lawyer but surely that means in order to have the vista logo if the hardware is x64 capable then even if they provide the 32bit vista as the OS they still have to provide the x64 drivers regardless??

Can anyone advise me? as I am going to contact them directly about this but I want to be sure I am in the right 1st, rather than make a fool of myself.

Before the inevitable responce of install x86_64 linux comes, I already have it on, its a dual boot machine. :)"

Submission + - Selling OOo Links on ebay (

Pvt_Ryan writes: I know people try to make money off the silliest things but surely selling LINKS to download on ebay (like this one) is taking the mickey..
The sad thing is that people have acutally bought it and left positive feedback.
Selling CDs is fine imho but a link to the website is just plain wrong, its practically theft as it relys on tricking people into thinking they have to pay for a "special link" that they could have just googled for.
I just hate to see open source being abused in this maner.
Does anyone else agree with this practice?

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