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Comment Re:Not a crazy idea (Score 1) 126

That's just dumb, that's just dumb because you can't make a car smart enough to navigate daily traffic with all onboard sensors.

This is exactly how Tesla does it, and while it isn't perfect, it's mostly usable and still improving. It's silly to say something is impossible when we are already most of the way there.

Parent was being ironic.

Comment Re:Yawn... (Score 2) 126

here's what happened when Airbus built a fully automated airliner (with no human inside) and have it land itself:

This was not an automated flight, and was not unmanned: there were 136 passengers on board. Three people were killed, and 34 required hospitalization. The cause was pilot error, and the flight crew was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for pulling a stupid stunt with a loaded plane.

Comment Re:The Leftist Way (Score 1) 117

Use more rhetoric. Use more insults, make the conclusions more dire, and make the deadlines for action seem nearer and less attainable.

Funny how the same people who constantly whinge about "Political Correctness" and how much we need more straight talk, turn into delicate flowers when that straight talk is pointed at them.

People who still in denial about climate science are delusional nuts. Full stop. There is an actual reality out there, and those who refuse to accept that should be marginalized and ridiculed, and should be given exactly zero voice in policy.

Comment Good for China (Score 5, Insightful) 117

Good for China, and good for us: the sea level rises for everybody equally, no matter which country is at fault. Today, the U.S. and China emit vastly more greenhouse gases than the EU, India, and Russia combined. Those two countries have a responsibility to the rest of the world to get their houses in order.

China is doing something about it, albeit first steps. The U.S., by contrast, is being run buy delusional nuts who think global warming is some kind of scam. Makes me ashamed to be an American.

Comment Re:Confirmed Existence? (Score 1) 162

No dark matter is not just normal matter that isn't emitting light. It isn't absorbing light either. If 90% of the galaxy was just non-emitting normal mater you'd see it blocking the luminous modules as dust clouds and globules.


Things that absorb light also emit it, necessarily. Look up black body radiation sometime.

Comment Re:The Dark Forest (Score 1) 338

The Dark Forest.
I love the Cixin Liu books... refreshing sci-fi.

Second this. The translation can be a little clunky, but it's old-school hard sci-fi with a Chinese viewpoint. (For example, the importance of political officers in the military is taken as a given, but all of the characters think it's sort of weird that the Americans have chaplains instead.)

Comment Re:Thought about installing Signal (Score 2) 87

I have thought about installing Signal, but then I always remember the laundry list of permissions it wants access to in order to install.

Here is a rundown on device permissions for Signal. Most of them seem basically necessary for a functional messaging app.

What is everybody else's opinion on Signal?

I've been using it for a few weeks, and I like it just fine. It is a transparent replacement for my default messaging app, and handles encryption to/from other signal users transparently. An additional perk is a Chrome plugin which lets me send/receive SMS messages from my browser. For a lot of obvious reasons, it is likely to be nowhere near as secure as a set of properly managed PGP keys, but IMO a lot of useful progress in widely deployed crypto has been hamstrung by paranoia, and letting the perfect be the enemy of the good.

One disconcerting thing is that it goes through your contact list upon install, and notifys you of all people on your contacts list who have Signal enabled, without the permission of those contacts. This should be configurable, and opt-in. Sad!

Comment Re:Will that actually help? Also, Wi-Fi (Score 1) 229

This wouldn't be a key you memorize, it would be a public-private key where the other part of the key is on another computer which may not even be in the same country as the journalist. There is nothing the journalist can do to get the key other than ask the colleagues back home to send the unit to Bumfuckistan which is a huge huge red flag.

Good luck convincing the police in Bumfuckistan this.

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