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Comment Re:Relevant xkcd (Score 0) 187

There is no phone as nice as the Note 7 on the market today.

Anybody who thinks this is a valid reason for putting the people around them at risk of injury or death should not just have their phone bricked, they should have the stupid beaten out of them with a bag of oranges.

Comment Re:Relevant xkcd (Score 2) 187

How about being stuck on a road in a snowstorm without communication? There are reasons why we shouldn't disable people's phones. I would argue for nagware - every hour, have a message pop up telling you there is a safety issue and asking you to return your phone to a Verizon store for a free replacement or something. Seems like a good balance between keeping devices safe and people losing critical communication.

They already do that, and the morons with these phones still refuse to return them, putting not only themselves at risk, but the people around them.

Seriously, there is no excuse for still using one of these phones, and they should be bricked immediately. I hope Verizon gets sued for a bazillion dollars for any damages that result from leaving these phones in use.

Comment Re:So.... Yik Yakked? (Score 1) 71

I don't understand how they managed to raise $73.5 million fucking dollars for this

Are you kidding? The app that did nothing but say "Yo" conned some VC morons into giving them a million bucks: “We are fascinated by these uses of simple yes/no, on/off communications tools,” Betaworks co-founder John Borthwick wrote on the Betaworks blog. “As the notification layer becomes the primary interface of alert-based information on your phone — as the OS’s allow navigation and controls in those alerts — there will emerge a new class of applications that mediate this layer for web sites, other app’s and connected hardware.”

With mindless bullshit like that, how can you not get rich?

Comment Re:magic internet money (Score 1) 254

The worst a trump presidency means for the US is another foreign war

That won't spike the deficit or anything, just like it didn't under Dubya.

Besides, how bad that worst-case scenario is depends entirely on whom the war is with. If Fuckface von Clownstick manages to inadvertently goad China into invading Taiwan, and Kim Jong Un decides to take advantage of the distraction by attacking South Korea, we're in some pretty deep kimchee.

Submission + - Transport employees were secretly paid by the DEA to search travelers bags (

schwit1 writes: THERE are many reasons why you might have been stopped at an American transport hub and your bag searched by officials. You might have be chosen at random. Perhaps you matched a profile. Or you could have been flagged by an airline, railroad or security employee who was being secretly paid by the government as a confidential informant to uncover evidence of drug smuggling.

A committee of Congress heard remarkable testimony last week about a long-running programme by the Drug Enforcement Administration. For years, officials from the Department of Justice testified, the DEA has paid millions of dollars to a variety of confidential sources to provide tips on travellers who may be transporting drugs or large sums of money. Those sources include staff at airlines, Amtrak, parcel services and even the Transportation Safety Administration.

The testimony follows a report by the Justice Department that uncovered the DEA programme and detailed its many potential violations. According to that report, airline employees and other informers had an incentive to search more travellers' bags, since they received payment whenever their actions resulted in DEA seizures of cash or contraband. The best-compensated of these appears to have been a parcel company employee who received more than $1m from the DEA over five years. One airline worker, meanwhile, received $617,676 from 2012 to 2015 for tips that led to confiscations. But the DEA itself profited much more from the programme. That well-paid informant got only about 12% of the amount the agency seized as a result of the his tips.

Comment Re:Michael Flynn Jr believes it (Score 1) 785

Even worse, Michael G. Flynn, member of the Trump transition team and son of the next National Security Adviser might be a 4chan shitstain and is spreading this story just for the keks.

Either way, it does not speak well of the Trump transition team. I see this morning Trump nominated a medical doctor who thinks dietary supplements can cure cancer, AIDS and multiple sclerosis to be the next Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Look on the bright side. At least he won't be practicing medicine.

Comment Re:They won't. (Score 1) 331

You have to create a totalitarian state with the full apparatus of secret police, surveillance, detention camps and summary executions ...

Actually, a carbon tax with the revenues applied to subsidies for renewables would do the trick pretty easily.

But by all means stay locked and loaded. They're coming for you.

Comment Re:Liars will Liar (Score 3, Insightful) 331

On the flip side, if Climate Change is your religion, and yet you live in low-lying coast land, you're kind of an idiot at this point. If you Believe, then topographical maps are free and you should be taking care of yourself and your family - live and work where it will remain safe, and make the move now, not after everything goes crazy.

So ... your solution to global warming is that impoverished villagers in Bangladesh should be buying condos in Aspen?

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