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Comment Re:Of course there's one question (Score 1) 218

I'm not from the US but i recently watched the Penn&Teller Bullshit show about vaccines. Still wondering why Jenny McCarthy and that doctor of hers aren't in prison for child endangerment yet?

Maby vaccinating kids looks redundant to some people "because there haven't been any cases in decades" ... well yes, but only because the critical mass of people is vaccinated, if the # of people vaccinated drops under the critical mass there WILL be an epidemic and people WILL die.

PS: If there have already been cases where kids not vaccinated got sick as a result (or possibly died or maimed) the people pushing this shit should be held responsible. Freedom of speech gives you the freedom to say what you wish, but your still responsible for your words.

Comment I feel you pain! (Score 1) 312

I work in a small Accounting company with it's own accounting web (php, javascript) based accounting app. It's used by 30 client companies but most of them are big names in Slovenia.

As a php programmer working for them i could sum up the development and maintainenc of the application like this:

No version management (no git, svn etc), no testing, no coding guidelines, 8 year old code with totaly new code, No OPP, mostly just copy/paste (i've seen basic functions on 30+ places in the code), HTML&CSS not even HTML4 (invoice for printing is wrapped with a ), works only in Firefox 2.0, the code loads all the objects (thousands lines of code, php and javascript) into $Session ($_SESSION['something'] -> new Something();), half of the code is in Slovenian, half in english ... etc etc etc.

It's basically just a pile of ~300k lines of code nobody understands how it works, when it works.. sometimes.

O and all the programers are students from the local collage and are payed 4,5€/h (about the same as a maid, waitresses are paid more, lot more). (One beer = 2,5€)

So ye, i feel your pain, i tried to implement GIT but our boss couldn't understand it so we're not using it :) ... i suggested selenimum(testing) and he didn't what to hear it.

Comment Jurisdiction (Score 1) 529

What i want to know is... where the domains owned by Americans or were adlist the registrars American? In other words.. did they have jurisdiction?

I find this the first, and most important question.


The Science of Battlestar Galactica 465

gearystwatcher writes "TV science adviser Kevin Grazier talks about getting rid of the Trek babble in Battlestar Galactica. From the article: "Grazier's job was to help keep the technology and science real and credible — even when there were some massive leaps. Grazier didn't just make sure that there was a reason for what we saw — bullets instead of lasers — but also that when the science bit did break into the open, it was more mind-blowing than the writers could have conceived — such as when the humans discover their mechanical Cylon persecutors have evolved to look human.'"

Real-Time Holograms Beam Closer To Reality 79

sciencehabit writes "It's not quite the flickering blue projection of Princess Leia begging, 'Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope!' from the classic sci-fi movie Star Wars, but holographic projection has just beamed a bit closer to reality. Researchers in Arizona have devised a novel plastic film that can be used to generate holographic 3D images sent electronically from one location to another. The technology opens the door for everything from holographic surgery to movies that literally surround the viewer."

Comment Wait w00t? (Score 1) 450

So... as i understand it now I'm gonna have to work to see an ad? I don't want to see an ad. Isn't that contradictory to the ads original purpose?

WAIT... i still cant wrap my head around it.. I'm gonna have to WORK to see an ad? What are these ads gonna be?!?!

Comment Re:Parenting skills? (Score 5, Insightful) 184

I agree.

On one hand let's take my parents: They never told me i cant do anything, just warned me of the concicuances, like alcohol, when i was 16 my parents sat me down and told me how to drink, and whant no to mix and how to party. THey ASKED me not do do drugs and explaind why. My mom smokes and she said "You know what cigarettes are doing to me, smoke if you whant". --> I have never even tried to smoke or any drug what so ever. I only drink on parties and i only get buzzed.

On the other hand maney of my female frend's parents: They were 18 and they still had to be home by 10pm on Fridays (legal drinking age here is 18). So sinc the time they were 13 they would go out at 6pm, get Drunk, smoke and do drugs, than throw up and clean themselves up by 10pm to go home.

So if you think you can force a kid to do something your MORONIC and just plain dumme. The only way to make a child do something you whant for certain is convincing them it's the right thing to do and let them decide for themselves.

So parents: Warn your kids, then let them do what ever they whant and than help them pick up the peaces. After a while they'll lurn that your just looking out for them and they'll actually listen to you. Respect must be urned, not forced.

Comment Re:Hate to say this... (Score 1) 315

I dont know about other countries but here in Slovenia if you just cut 50% of money that goes into private pockets because of corruption the goverment would have more money that they would know what to do with.

Basicly if the rich and the powerfull stole 50% less from goverments we would have no problem what so ever.

Don't belive me? In Slovenia a kilomiter of highway costs ~8times as much as in england (i'm not shure about the number, but it's A LOT more), killometer and kilometers of roads are constantly "under repair" with no1 doing anything. The Pediatric hospital took like a decade to build and cost A LOT ... etc etc etc. But this is just the usualy way of stealing. I've been in studant politics where 10 milion € are stolen every year.

This is why I'm starting up The Pirate Party in Slovenia. We can start with the internets... than maby.. just maby we can get into parliment and if we dont steal from the goverment there will be adlist some money left to fix stuff for the people. Not just the rich and the powerfull.

Comment Re:Ok, honestly? (Score 1) 312

Say i was one of these terrorists everybody is so worried about.

All you need is a Van(or a car, van is better), a Fertilizer bomb (easy to manufacture) you could add bags of nails around the bomb to encrease fragmentation and a nice, public place with a lot of people.

Detonate from afar, or preferably use a suacide bomber that will drive in the middle of the crowd and detonate.

Places: Parade, speaches, concerts etc

And presto, few hundred dead. Remember, terrorists do not care about consicuances or are happy to face them in order to achive their goals.

DISCLAMER: I am NOT or have i ever been a terrorist or a criminal. I have never planed or intended to plan a terrorist act.

If one whanted to kill people there is nothing stoping him/her.

Comment Re:Ok, honestly? (Score 1) 312

I agree with B and C but...

A: ... Do you know how easy it is to make a bomb? Google it if you dont belive me. Or just buyin a gun in america and going to a stadion and start shooting...

There were no more terrorists atacks because the funders behind them aren not interested in them atm. Who these people are, is a whole other disscusion.

Comment Well (Score 1) 895

For a long time I couldent belive people could be so dumb, so branwashed.

Untill I was fowarded this site:

Go through it, read a few posts, your gonna shit bricks. (It's so stupid I'm not 100% it's even real even tho the amaunt of posts sugest it is)

Just to get you started: -> 5 Reasons why WOMEN should NEVER be on the Internet!, also read the first reply by Rev. Jim Osborne -> The "For NOOBS" section, Not shure if this is a White supremecy site or a church....

etc, etc.
Basicly internet isn't all good.
PS: Freedom of speach should have a "IF ($spaker_dumenss_level > $max) { mute($speaker); }" clause.

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