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Comment Re: You gotta love yellow journalism (Score 4, Insightful) 63

I agree. Open source and Linux should never be criticized. Any criticism is false and, therefore, is yellow journalism. I find any criticism of Linux to be highly offensive and indicative of spamming from paid Microsoft trolls.

Way to mix issues here.

1/ Should open source or Linux be criticized? Hell yes, if there are reasons to.

2/ You conflate Linux and open-source. They aren't the same issues - they aren't even the same thing. Open-source is a development and business model and Linux is a fucking kernel.

3/ Drupal is to be critized here. Not Linux. Linux as a kernel is doing what the flawed middleware on top of it tells it to. No more, no less. Show me a Linux kernel exploit and I'll be the first to criticize Linux. But in this case, it ain't the culprit.

I can sort of understand people mixing up GNU things and the Linux kernel, because it's been done for years, and people grew tired of hearing Stallman repeat "it's not Linux, it's GNU/Linux" a long time ago. But Drupal has never been remotely connected to Linux. What next? Run Drupal on FreeBSD and claim FreeBSD has been owned by a trojan?

Comment The problem with car autopilots (Score 1) 440

isn't that they're limited, it's that the user can't know exactly where the limitations are. When you know where the limits of a system are exactly, you subconsciously plan its usage to stay within its perimeter of competences. When you can't fully rely on a system to perform in certain conditions, and not to perform in other conditions, 100% of the time, you have to stay alert all the time to take over in case it craps out.

That's precisely what's self-defeating in today's fledgling autopilot systems. A real autopilot should let you sleep in the back, read the paper of drink a coffee while it drives. Or at least, it should reliably tell you when and in what conditions it won't be able to let you do that. Joshua Brown's mistake is that he failed to realize today's systems - Tesla's or others' - aren't remotely that predictable.

Comment It'll teach an excellent lesson (Score 4, Insightful) 198

Try your hardest and grind for many hours to improve things, advance civilization, bring about peace after war, build a nation. What a grand and exhilarating endeavour!

Then, when it gets too hard, enter a cheat code. Congratulation, you've now learned how to be a successful politician.

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