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Intel Ramps Up 45nm Chip Production, Announces 'Atom' Line 126

Multiple readers have written to tell us of the latest developments out of Intel. Earlier this week, Intel announced the Atom brand of low cost, low power consumption processors. The CPUs, measuring only 25 square millimeters, are the result of the Silverthorne and Diamondville projects. The announcement has caused this CNet columnist to question whether Intel can "spur innovation in ultrasmall devices the way it has in the PC and server industry." Concurrently, Intel has increased its production of 45nm processors to a rate of roughly 100,000 chips per day. As TG Daily notes, the massive investments Intel has made into chip production will make it difficult for AMD to catch up.
The Internet

A New Paradigm For Web Browsing 237

dsaci points out a New York Times article about how surfing the web may change to a more graphics-based endeavor. With the advent of devices like the Wii and the iPhone, the capability to directly control objects on a screen is becoming a popular and affordable technology. That, combined with immersive interfaces such as Piclens, could be the future of web browsing. Quoting: "'I've wondered for a long time why the computer interface hasn't changed from 20 years ago,' said Austin Shoemaker, a former Apple Computer software engineer and now chief technology officer of Cooliris. 'People should think of a computer interface less as a tool and more as a extension of themselves or as extension of their mind.' Voice, too, is finally beginning to play a significant role as an interface tool in a new generation of consumer-oriented wireless handsets. Many technologists now believe that hunting and pecking on the tiny keyboards of cellphones and P.D.A.'s will quickly give way to voice commands that will return map, text and other data displayed visually on small screens."

MythTV 0.21 Released 68

kormoc writes "The new release has lots of new stuff, notably: autodiscovery (less manual configuration of new front-ends), storage groups (no need for LVM/etc), support for multiple recordings on one DVB/ATSC multiplex, a couple of new plugins, some new deinterlacing / video display options, and many, many other things. The release notes page in the wiki has the list of what's changed, but it's currently a couple thousand checkins out of date. Grab the release from the download section and please at least try to read the docs before asking questions. The binary packages should hopefully be updated to 0.21 soon."

Submission + - IBM claims breakthrough in chip manufacturing

Stony Stevenson writes: IBM and its partners, which include tech heavyweights Advanced Micro Devices, Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, and others, have developed a key material that reduces the cost of manufacturing next-generation 32-nanometer microprocessors. The proprietary material based on the chemical element hafnium makes it possible for chipmakers to design products that follow the same manufacturing process flow used in building conventional chips. Keeping the manufacturing steps the same means fewer expensive modifications in fabrication plants.

Submission + - ISP Content Filtering Really a Threat? 3

An anonymous reader writes: With recent growth in research in the areas of network overlays, the growth (although small at this point) of technologies like Tor, and other fields that could disrupt content filtering, combined with the increasing connection speed of the average user, is it really a threat? Fiber to the home and other such types of high bandwidth connections should compensate for the overhead incurred by an encrypted network overlay which would allow me to run all the BT I want ... even over Comcast's network. Granted there is nothing concrete in this area quite yet, but then again ISP's don't have concrete filtering systems quite yet either.

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