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Comment Re:Apple ][+ (Score 1) 857

Rather than reinvent the wheel, why not contribute?

For one, doing it all myself is a greater and more interesting challenge. In addition, the subject matter has deep personal.significance.

I've created and contributed to a lot of open source code over the last ten years; it's something I believe strongly in. But I'm doing this project for me.

Comment Re:Probably in the fine print. (Score 2) 177

The print isn't even that fine. From the license agreement:

8. We reserve the right to refuse service and disable a customer’s key at any time for any reason

PDF of the support ticket emails (including license agreement) to and from grasping little HRD shitweasel:


Comment Re:beed there, done that (Score 1) 460

One day my web host decided to go out of business and it sent me scrambling to fix the damage. Unfortunately, my forums were not preserved anywhere. I had basic user account information from registration emails. I attempted to restore the public posts from Google caches and a lot of manual MySQL data entry. It was rough few days of pure panic. Between Google banning me for bot-like behavior and them updating their caches faster than I could copy them, I barely pulled it off with only a few lost posts. I'm never letting that happen again.

Submission + - Internet Archive's 24 Hour Fund Raising Telethon

martiniturbide writes: The Internet Archive, the online non-profit library that stores almost everything that is digital, the same that hosts a lot of classic games , hosts a massive collection of MAME ROMs and runs the WayBackMachine to preserve the internet web pages.... Is now running an old fashion 24hours fund raising telethon from Saturday 19, 12:00 PM to Sunday 20, 12:00 PM (PST). This live event is being hosted by Michelle Krasowski and Jason Scott (the guy from Textfiles.com that Wants Your AOL & Shovelware CDs) with the suppor of several guests. You can visit the telethon live video and donate to support this library.

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