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Comment Re:beed there, done that (Score 1) 460

One day my web host decided to go out of business and it sent me scrambling to fix the damage. Unfortunately, my forums were not preserved anywhere. I had basic user account information from registration emails. I attempted to restore the public posts from Google caches and a lot of manual MySQL data entry. It was rough few days of pure panic. Between Google banning me for bot-like behavior and them updating their caches faster than I could copy them, I barely pulled it off with only a few lost posts. I'm never letting that happen again.

Submission + - Internet Archive's 24 Hour Fund Raising Telethon

martiniturbide writes: The Internet Archive, the online non-profit library that stores almost everything that is digital, the same that hosts a lot of classic games , hosts a massive collection of MAME ROMs and runs the WayBackMachine to preserve the internet web pages.... Is now running an old fashion 24hours fund raising telethon from Saturday 19, 12:00 PM to Sunday 20, 12:00 PM (PST). This live event is being hosted by Michelle Krasowski and Jason Scott (the guy from that Wants Your AOL & Shovelware CDs) with the suppor of several guests. You can visit the telethon live video and donate to support this library.

Comment Re:It is really really stupid. (Score 1) 197

I guess only nude portrate photographs are going to be allowed as someone owns the copyright on the clothes designs

Interestingly, fashion is not protected IP and is widely copied. That's why so much fashion has prominent branding. The brands are of course trademarked and can't be legally reproduced.

While much of the industry is lobbying hard for new protections, some people embrace its free culture.

Comment Re:Flop?! (Score 4, Informative) 33

The Last Starfighter game built from the 8-bit Orbiter game follows the film / game-within-the-film pretty closely. Obviously an Atari 800 couldn't hope to reproduce it visually but it is an excellent tie-in in terms of theme and play. It was leaked in the 80s and I played the hell out of it.

Atari's coin-op division also developed a Last Starfighter game that was very faithful to the game shown in the film. It was also unreleased.

Why neither game was released remains a matter of speculation.

Comment Re:What I like best is (Score 1) 120

You could make new Mickey Mouse cartoons as long as you base then solely on the public domain aspects and can convincingly argue that your updates aren't taken from still-copyrighted material. And you will have to argue because Disney will sue your ass even though you are in the right.

See new "Sherlock Holmes" stories and the machinations of the estate of Arthur Conan Doyle for precedent.

Submission + - Haxe Foundation is looking for a new CEO ( 1

David Elahee writes: The Haxe Foundation made a stunning announcement. The Haxe Language creator introspects about the last 10 years of Haxe then reach to every people of the Haxe community for support. He is now looking for a full time paid CEO that will manage international operations. Haxe is a well established meta-language and optimising compiler, very renowned in app, web and game industries.

Submission + - Judge wipes out Safe Harbor provision in DMCA, makes Cox accomplice of piracy

SysKoll writes: The DMCA is well-known for giving exorbitant powers to copyright holders, such as taking down a page or a whole web site without a court order. Media companies buy services from vendors like Rightscorp, a shake-down outfit that issues thousands of robot-generated take-down notices and issues threats against ISPs and sites ignoring them.

Cox, like a lot of ISP, is inundated with abusive take-down notices, in particular from Rightscorp. Now, BMG Rights Management and Round Hill Music are suing Cox for refusing to shut off the Internet access of subscribers that Rightscorp accused of downloading music via BitTorrent. Cox argues that as an ISP, they benefit from the Safe Harbor provision that shields access providers from subscribers' misbehavior.

Not so, says US District Judge Liam O'Grady. The judge sided with the media companies ahead of trial, saying Cox should have terminated the repeat offenders accused by Rightscorp. Cox's response is quite entertaining for a legal document: its description of Rightscorp includes the term "shady", "shake-down", and "pay no attention to the facts"

O'Grady also derided the Electronic Frontier Foundations's attempt to file an amicus brief supporting Cox, calling them hysterical crybabies.

This case will be closely watched and can be very damaging for the Internet industry.

Comment Re: That it is not (Score 1) 3

So did the religious parents of the children in the study. The data doesn't appear to support that feeling.

Across all countries, parents in religious households reported that their children expressed more empathy and sensitivity for justice in everyday life than non-religious parents. However, religiousness was inversely predictive of children’s altruism and positively correlated with their punitive tendencies. Together these results reveal the similarity across countries in how religion negatively influences children’s altruism, challenging the view that religiosity facilitates prosocial behavior.

Comment Re:Where can I find more? (Score 1) 37

Also, forgot to mention this, if you want to get in deep, check out Casey Muratori's Handmade Hero series of live-coding streams. See how a game can be built entirely from scratch without starting with prebuilt engines, special tools or middle ware. Follow along and make the game yourself. Every aspect is covered in incredible detail.

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