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Submission + - Inflatable Space Launch Pad Patent Granted (thothx.com)

Punko writes: "Canadian space company, Thoth Technology Inc., has been granted the United States patent for a space elevator. Announced today in the USPTO’s Official Gazette, the freestanding space tower is pneumatically pressurized and actively-guided over its base. Reaching 20 km above the planet, it would stand more than 20 times the height of current tall structures and be used for wind-energy generation, communications and tourism.

The technology offers an exciting new way to access space using completely reusable hardware and saving more than 30% of the fuel of a conventional rocket."

Somehow making a tower out of gas filled pillows 15 kms tall without external support wires seems fanciful

Submission + - Naked Mole Rats - Live Longer and More Cancer Resistant than Similar Rodents (rochester.edu)

Punko writes: Researcher Andrei Seluanov at the University of Rochester appear to have discovered the secret of the naked mole rat's incredible live span and cancer resistance. Published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the team's findings indicated that the mole rat's ribosomes are more efficient/accurate than those found in other rodent relatives. Errors in replication are fewer, resulting in less cellular damage and hence, apparent slower aging and fewer cancers. http://www.rochester.edu/news/show.php?id=7272

Submission + - Anti-Matter Contained for 16 Minutes (www.cbc.ca)

Punko writes: Researchers managed to contain anti-hydrogen atoms for 16 minutes and hope that the longer shelf life allows them to to be able gain additional insight into the properites of antimatter

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