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Comment Re:Let's just say (Score 1) 492

Btw, the human is the original 'exploiter' in George Orwell's Animal Farm. A reference that apparently few people got, or at least they don't share my sense of humor. I'm also of the opinion at Google has reached 'Microsoft'ian levels yet, but I'm already of the opinion that Google is already in that route. Just a matter of time.

Comment Newton's Formulation of Gravity (Score 1) 1345

The link between Science and Religion is more close than the modern worldview is willing to admit. For example, From pg 40 of Against Method:
What Newton means is that gravitation disturbs the planets in a way that is likely to blow the planetary system apart. Babylonian data as used by Ptolemy show that the planetary system has remained stable for a long time. Newton Concluded that it was being periodically 'reformed' by divine interventions: God acts as a stabilizing for in the planetary system.

Also the abstraction of Force arose from the idea that Angels ( Invisible action ) that gave birth to an incipient theoretical framework of physics that boomed in the Renascence (Galileo with the frame of reference gave a revolutionary perspective also)


An Easy Recipe For Quantum Dots 35

An anonymous reader writes "Semiconductor nanocrystals, better known as quantum dots, might find their way into solar cells, cancer tests, and all sorts of other products. Making them is surprisingly easy, if you have the right equipment, but it's not cheap. A team of reporters from Chemical and Engineering News visited Johns Hopkins and learned how to make the pricey particles (YouTube video). They have produced a slick video that explains the whole process."

Comment Re:I hope they make it like 3.5! (Score 1) 227

Out of curiosity, what behavior from KDE 3 is not possible in KDE 4?

You can revert to a "classic" desktop with icons, a classic Start Menu, and you can configure the task bar to work just like KDE 3. As far as I know, the only feature I recall from KDE 3 that I haven't really seen in 4 is the optional feature of Mac-like application menus.

For starters you can't Ctrl-Esc for the 'skull of death' ...
Also at least for me, a semi-n00b user, dbus seems like an emasculated dcop.


Gran Turismo Gamer Becomes Pro Race Driver 249

An anonymous reader writes "Back in 2008, Lucas Ordonez lived what seemed like an ordinary existence. The 22-year-old Spanish student was an avid motorsports fan, but he lacked the suitable investment necessary to become a professional race driver and had virtually given up on racing. Besides, he was already knee-deep in trying to complete a Master of Business Administration (MBA). But it was Ordonez' passion for virtual racing, particularly his love of Gran Turismo, that made him stand out from his peers — both off the track and eventually on it. In just a few months, Ordonez' life was transformed from console dreamer to racing the real thing at a real race track in Europe. And Ordonez managed to do the unthinkable: go from the couch car to the race car, and win."

Comment Re:Hmmmm (Score 1) 737

One can find problems without having to resort to temportal issues with the ISP. Battlenet has issues working properly with NAT, which is 99% of the users of internet of peru (non-bussiness at least). If you have a single PC behind a NAT playing there is not much problem, you can play no problem but to host you have to open one port. But For example two brothers want to play and one of them host, no can do, at least not without 3rd party Software (can't recall the name battlelan or something like that). So that would be an issue for instance @ Lan Cafes at least here in Peru.

Comment Re:They're trying to prevent people from pirating (Score 1) 455

It still should be public domain by now! Building upon other peoples characters gave us much of the Legends of King Arthur

Even the French wrote about him: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_arthur#Romance_traditions

They have long recaped their cost, and the specific product is way past its shelf-life!

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