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Comment Re: Ridiculous. (Score 1) 914

While incarcerating physically dangerous people protects the general public from the heinous acts of violent and dangerous people, it does not protect other prisnoners (ie, non-violent offenders, minor offenders) from the violent offenders. It may actually make soceity worse, since it may end up making more violent offenders, or otherwise more people with psycological problems, since the non-violent/minor offenders may have to become more aggressive, or suffer abuse. Still, the time dilation drug is probably worse because it would make the less-violent more violent, and the extremely violent literally incorrigible and permanently unfit for for any social group, be it prison society or the general public.

Comment If only such a list existed for cell phones (Score 4, Interesting) 341

While the cellphone and Glass are not the same tech, they do seem to share similar bad habits (ie making you tune out the world around you, especially when crossing a street) in how people may ultimately use. So, maybe a similar list should be made to address the do's and dont's of cellphones, maybe in app form

Comment Does Crime Leave a Genetic Trace (Score 1) 160

Hopefully, if there ever is another Minority Report cinematic adaptation, this new research will be taken into account. Because if the propensity or inclination for crime can be inherited in a Biblical sense as a couple of people have already posted, then this should make for a more interesting movie about how the society in that PKD story's universe (or the society that it is commenting about, namely us) can persecute and condemn not only one man members of his family and even their descendents.

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