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The Internet

Submission + - Wide-scale DNS outage in Germany 1

An anonymous reader writes: Several German technology news sites like and (reachable via IP: ) are reporting that there has been a large-scale DNS outage, with DeNIC running on a maximum of two out of their usual 6 servers, causing massive service disruptions for all .de-domains and their visitors.

Comment Re:From the article (Score 2, Interesting) 237

Well, that depends on how you define stealing. One of the oldest sets of laws, the Old Testament, says that your allowed to go into a field and eat as long as you don't take any home or store it. Even the harsh dictates of the Old Testament yields to the fact that allowing your neighbor to starve is a far greater wrong than taking without asking.

Comment Re:hmm... (Score 1, Interesting) 490

My company is becoming an MS only shop, and for good reason. By grabbing whatever the flavor of the month is, you ensure that your going to have all sorts of issues with compatibility. Additionally, you then have to maintain personnel with skills to service these different platforms. We randomly discover tools that were developed by someone using the flavor of the month that no one knows how to use, so then we have to start from scratch. By going to MS only, you can cover most(if not all) of your bases while only requiring one skillset to maintain them.

That alone will make up for any licensing fees.

Comment Re:Step 1. (Score 5, Interesting) 1197

Nahh, your screwed either way.

I worked for a large corporation. Not huge, but large enough to find shortcuts to covering employees. Instead of having insurance, they acted as the insurer and had Aetna act as a "manager" of the plan. Not only was this cheaper for them, they got out of all the regulations governing insurance. I had a kid, and they denied coverage because he wasn't a member at the time of his receiving care. But, I couldn't make him a member without a birthdate, so I fought with them for months. They I got canned, and lost access to mechanism to continuing fighting.

Long story short: State bureau of insurance couldn't do anything. Hospital hit me with $5,000 in bills, and the corporation probably got a tax write off.

I used to be capitalist until I saw capitalism in action.

Comment Re:How Companies Work (Score 3, Interesting) 316

I disagree with the form/function of the Government. I think it follows exactly the same for as a corporation. As the stakeholders, politicians have to pretend to be working for us. But they are just like the two tiers of managers. They are always looking out for themselves and looking to advance to the next level.
Tell me the last time a politician voted on something they saw as political suicide?
And as for the motivations of us little people, I think a more accurate description is that we are too busy avoiding getting crushed by corporations and the government to act proactively for change most of the time. Besides, if we had the power to control our own fate, we would just give it back as we are too short sighted to handle it

Comment Re:what about (Score 1) 373

First off, wind power is a great supplement, not a replacement. It suffers from too much variability to be a reliable power source, and therefore replace fossil fuels. Yes, the issue of disposal of waste is tricky. But regardless of building new plants, we need a solution. And at least with nuclear power, the pollution is contained. With coal, everyone downwind gets to reap the benefits, including the radiation. As for your road tax solution, who cares if we pay it with income taxes or fuel taxes? Everyone uses and benefits from the roads. Even if you don't drive a car, everything you consume and buy is transported on roads. Sorry, but one of the keys to civilization is roads, and even if you don't use them, you benefit from them.

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