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Comment Personal Cloud (Score 2) 319

My current solution is: - NAS (QNAP) at home with various apps - Exposure towards the internet is SSH, VPN and https (with self-signed certificate) The only weakness in this scheme is possible flaws in SSH, OpenVPN or SSL. Ignoring those, whatever I do remotely on my NAS is for my eyes only. Accessed through either my smartphone (n900) or debian based linux systems.

Comment Ami Pro (Score 1) 479

The sad thing is that one of the victims of Word was Ami Pro, the first WYSIWYG text editor for Windows. And it used styles (templates) they way it should. Still feel sorry for those guys. I can't even remember how many messed-up documents I took from desperate people, stripped them to bare ascii, set up the styles the way they wanted and started applying. Should have seen their eyes when the document came out of the printer.

Comment Re:Are you an engineer? (Score 1) 333

Exactly. Plus, a Software Engineer has a very broad basic knowledge because the first years in your engineering studies are common for a lot of fields, so a software engineer also has basic electronics and mechanical (amongst others) knowledge. A programmer could be anybody who had programming lessons or learned by himself. Which is why a software engineer is a lot more useful in projects which combine include software and hardware design.

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