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Comment Re:Compliance (Score 1) 996

After my DUI I bought a breathalyzer. I think you'd be surprised how low 0.08 is. I use the device to help educate drunken peers. Walking or using public transportation is really the key here. I think that if 0.05 is forced upon the populace it had darn well better come with funding for bus systems that don't stop until 3AM.

Submission + - Nintendo explains 3DS price cut and take pay cuts (

dowdle writes: "As as been reported all over the net and on here, Nintendo dropped the price of the 3DS from $250 to $170 in the US. Nintendo executives announced in a Financial Results Briefing that they are taking a significant pay cut as a result of the poor sales performance of the 3DS. How much of a pay cut? It is rumored (anyone have a solid source?) that Nintendo President Satoru Iwata makes the equivalent of $2 million US in salary and he has taken a 50% pay cut. Several other Nintendo executives are also taking pay cuts but not as large as Iwata's.

I wonder what percentage of US companies as successful as Nintendo have presidents that make around $2 million and how many of them would take a voluntary pay cut? My guess would be a single digit approaching 0. My respect for Nintendo has greatly increased."

Comment Re:Not surprised... (Score 1) 507

I'll rephrase a bit. The bubble that Apple forces you into if you are a developer, is to write your code in XCode.

I'd be surprised if any approved apps in the AppStore were not written using XCode. XCode only runs on OSX. OSX only runs on Apple hardware.

The two bubbles you mention are valid, but there are more than two bubbles.

To get an app into the AppStore you must be developing using Apple hardware running OSX.

Regarding the 'Everything else is very open.' statement. If that were true, it would be easy to sync my mp3s over to my iPhone under linux. It would be easy to sync my oggs over the iTunes in the iPhone using linux. It would be easy to change cellular providers. It would be easy to play my movies purchased through iTunes under linux .. It would be easy to buy media through the iTunes store under linux .. It would be easy to save a document as an .odt in at least one Apple product .. iTunes would support OGG media without modification ..

In summary: Apple at every turn chooses the path that locks their customers into using their products.

Apple does make slick products, but they are not 'open'. I'd love to hear ways in which they are open though.

Comment Re:Not surprised... (Score 1) 507

| There are only two bubbles Apple "forces" you into:
| 1. Mac OS X only runs (without hacking) on Apple hardware.
| 2. iPhones OS only runs (without hacking) App Store software.
| Everything else is very open.

Not quite accurate:

* To write code for the iPhone, you essentially need XCode running on Apple hardware.
* Code written for the iPhone (ObjC) is a PITA to port to any other OS other than OSX.
* I still can't sync music to my iPhone from Linux on the new firmware.
* I still can't play ogg files on the iPhone

So this 'Everything else' must not include much that I care about.


Submission + - Building an SMS Gateway

kaptk2 writes: "Is it possible to build an SMS gateway that would allow a user to enter a phone number with out knowing the carrier and have the message delivered to that mobile phone using open source software? Something similar to that will work for all carries not just Verizon Wireless? It has to be based open source software. A program that almost achieves what I am wanting is the TextFree iPhone app, it does not provide a web interface and is not open source but is able to text most cell phones. Can I duplicate that functionality with open source software?"

Comment Re:Why buy anything from Gamestop? (Score 1) 243

Why buy from GameStop? Because their prices are comparable to internet prices and they hire your local gamer buddies. Their return policy isn't that 'horrible'. Its smart. Giving gamers access to free rentals (essentially) as an incentive for them to gain product knowledge just makes sense. If you pwn the disk up, then you don't get to take them home anymore. Sure, with every system there can be problems. If you notice something that really bothers you, mention it to the employee or the manager and I'm sure they'll just give you a 'virgin' copy. Preorders are never used this way .. anyway .. I'm rambling. GameStop may have some odd policies, but Amazon .. seriously? You are on slashdot right? I dare you to start a pro-amazon thread and endure the flamewar :)

Submission + - IronKey launches encrypted USB key w/FF, TOR (

An anonymous reader writes: Gizmodo has a writeup on the new IronKey.. Self-destructing hardware encrypted and authenticated USB flash drive with onboard secure FF, high speed TOR network, password manager, online encrypted backup. Demo page here. Pretty sweet. $79 bones for a 1g, 149 for 4. Prolly the best way to stick it to AT&T/NSA, traffic 'shaping' ISPs, and other infringements on privacy by the man..

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