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Comment Re:The user interface. (Score 1) 376

I can't stand the ui. I also find the system user hostile. I can understand simplifying the os for the masses but not at the power users expense.

Your post sum's up my feelings pretty well... Generally it goes like this.... On most Nix's/Nix like platforms, I fire it up, and the amount of crap that I have to remove/disable/discard is really pretty minimal. It's more like after baseline config/tuning slam in some apps for it's function and it's ready to rock.... On a windows box, drop in the os, then FIGHT'S ON to not have it try to do stupid things all the time. On windows 10, I pretty much cant get it to the kind of minimalist place where I want it (I've only been at it on win10 for a couple of weeks though...).

Comment Re:someone explain for the ignorant (Score 2) 449

Just about a month ago I got a emv chipped card from my bank. The grocery stores and a few other shops near me have that same type slot reader under the keypad you mentioned. I've been sticking my card in all of them when it prompts for an insert/swipe but I don't know if they're just not enabled around here or what because it never works and I always have to fall back to the mag strip.

The thing I don't like about it, is on the signature block on the back of the card I just write check id, then I put clear tape over the sig block and the cvv so it doesn't wear off (I've worn off the cvv #'s before...). Anyway, so my old card had a picture of me on the front of it. The new one doesn't. So now if someone actually does bother to read where it says check ID, instead of just me saying look at the picture, I have to pull id as well (which is either an RFID Drivers license, or an RFID enabled passport card). So for now, I kind of miss my old photoid card, vs my emv chipped card that doesn't work. I already had to buy a faraday cage wallet because of my drivers license & passport card (I'm paranoid about the rfid stuff), and then another rf blocking pouch for my regular full size passport.

Comment Re: so why specifically target drivers? (Score 1) 554

Yeah, it's everyone elses fault. You don't buy anything right? Something like 85% of all cargo moved around the US is done by truck because the rail system is shit and inefficient compared to the roadway system. So pretty much everything everyone buys, moves by truck.

When I look at fuel costs, the consumer at the pump is probably the bottom rung of ladder. Lower fuel brings construction costs down (what you think a loader, grader, excavator or a crane run on batteries?), and makes it cheaper to move bulk goods. Anyone saying this is all bad because the gas tax is not high enough already has problems. The gas tax has not changed, so right now it's generating more revenue because more fuel is being sold.

You want more cash into state and federal highway transportation taxes? Then stop wasting money with on bloated government and pork barrel spending. Any additional taxation is just going to either be mismanaged and diverted into non-essential service projects or to go into programs for people who are not putting anything back into the flow, latest one this month? Let's use blanket amnesty for illegals.

So build more Rail you say? Can't do that because even if you try to re-open an old rail spur that's already got track everyone freaks out because then there's going to be a train near them. So they'll bitch about the trains, they'll bitch about the traffic and meanwhile nothing changes.

You know how great the average person's perspective on taxes is? A town near me has a small auto mall. 3 dealerships. One of them (Nissan) went out of business 7 years ago. The building is zoned Auto-Dealer only. So for the last 7 years, no dealer has wanted to move into that space & the building has generated nothing but property taxes. There was a plan to change it to general commercial, it had to go to a general town vote. There were already new businesses lined up to use the space, (3-4 restaurants, office space etc). The town decided in the mid-term elections that they would rather leave 50k+ sq ft of Class-A office/retail space unused and hope that 'sometime' in the future a car dealer would move into it vs. actually having the space used and generating sales taxes etc. Except if that happens now there will probably be protests against it because since nothing else is in the parking lot for that space the building owner has turned the parking lot into boat and rv storage. So if anyone does try to move into it, the people in town are all going to be up in arms about how they have to find a new place to store their rv/boats whatever and how this is such a great travisty...

Comment Re:10+ Easily (Score 1) 260

1 "Smart" TV (not too smart IMHO)

I've got a "smart" tv too, but it's not smart enough to count to 10 without skipping numbers. Volume control is hdmi-cec to a reciever, start from zero going up 1 increment at a time it's like 1,2,4,5,6,8,10 but the receiver can keep track of #'s...Goes like that all the way up.. by the time the receiver is at 30ish, the tv thinks it's at 50 something...

Comment Well. (Score 2) 195

The only thing it's hurting is the other people looking for sapphire display covers like was mentioned a couple months back.

Personally, I'm on the Gorilla Glass bandwagon.
          Cheaper & faster to produce

apple can pretty much do what it wants and they have plenty of money so it's not like it's a gamble at this point. $1bn is not going to dent their bank.

I own a couple of their devices, but I've personally relegated them down to be things I don't even carry around, and the interface always makes me feel like I'm using one of those kid's toy computers that has like 6 buttons with pictures on them (the cow says Mooooo).

Comment Really tired of this... (Score 1) 1038

You know this article has been posted on multiple news sites, and it continues to amaze me that it gets the amount of negative reaction that it does.

Breaking down this instance, and throwing out wrongful prosecution & 'they got the wrong guy' (in the case they had DNA evidence as well as admission), this is a person that raped a woman, then slit her throat and left her in the street. She was also pregnant at the time. I have zero sympathy for him. I would rather we shot him up with a sedative & od'd him on painkillers than the other options which are essentially (2):
      Let him sit in prison sponging off taxpayers for the rest of his natural life
    Let him out because `can't you all understand that he just had a lapse in judgement and made a mistake? surely he needs another chance!`

honestly, to all the people crying about the barbarism of this situation, suppose the woman was someone that you knew, spouse, sister, mother etc. How would you feel about the situation then? How would you react to someone killing your wife and unborn child? What would you want to happen to that person?

Maybe we should offer all of the vocal proponents of this situation an option:
Adopt a death row inmate.

You can take a guy on death row home, we'll put a tag bracelet on his foot. You can care for him out of your own pocket, with no reimbursed expenses (no dependant tax write off either) and be responsible for him. If he leaves your house, you pay a fine, if he manages to damage anyone else's property, you're responsible. Any futher crime he commits, you're the liable party.

How about that, keeps the anti-death penalty people happy, keeps scumbags from sponging tax money...

Comment When I play 4x games. (Score 1) 116

I could really care less about the interactions with other races. I mean, how may different noises can they possibly make when I've got my boot on their throat (or throats, aliens ya know) and they're trying to get me to stop genociding their species.

I kinda liked fleet combat in MoO, but I'd rather see a full modernized redo of that vs. something that's going to focus more on diplomacy, which is what I'd have to say this is going to be since they want to spend so much time on how the aliens communicate.

Comment Re:Really? Naa (Score 1) 552

Err... nearly no one does contact rework anymore professionally, and even half-serious hobbyists nowadays at least have a AOYUE and a high temp vac pickup.
Then just clean the site, apply mini stencil, squeegee paste, remove stencil, place new part, reflow.

Yeah, personally I haven't done SMT rework in about 15 years, Aoyue sure has brought the price down on rework stations, that's less than I paid for my Metcal, and that's just a basic iron. I don't want to remember how much we paid for some of the larger Metcal & Pace hand rework systems back in the day.

Comment Re:Really? Naa (Score 5, Interesting) 552

trying to desolder 100 pins spaced 0.01" apart then resoldering them, unless you have a 0.1 mill precision soldering robot it is impossible, you can't even buy wire thin enough to do it by hand.

SMT rework by hand isint rocket science, but takes more tools than the average garage has.

Desoldering you use a custom tip for that socket/package type (one tip per package & they're not cheap). It's essentially a metal ring that heats the solder on all the pins at once. In the center of the assembly is a vacuum probe. You heat all the pins, melting all the solder & hit the button on the handpiece to suction the chip up off the board. Then clean up the pads on the board. Careful with the heat because you dont want to lift pads off the board, if you do then you have to either fix them, or make a new pads. And then if you manage to trash a via (conductivity path to a different board layer), then you've got to drill out a new one and you have to use a esd safe conductive drill with a resistance cutoff. You put a clip from the drill in contact with the layer you're trying to get to, drill down and when the drill tip makes contact with that layer the drill turns off because the circuit is complete. But it still sucks and if you don't know how all the board layers are put together you may end up trashing a trace a couple layers into the board and wrecking the whole thing.

Soldering it down you do this. Align all the chip legs on the pads. Then you can either run a small bead of solder paste across all the pins or use a wave soldering tip (small cup, uses surface tension to hold the solder in place) and drag the tip over all the pins. Heat on the pin & pad draws the solder down into the joints. If you put too much solder you might have to vac it back up and redo it if you've made bridges etc. Alignment is key, and keeping the part in position is key. I used to try and avoid using glue underneath because that made it difficult to get it back off if you needed to down the road.

Doing hand rework on that kind of stuff the hardest thing for me was dealing with smt chip caps, little bastards will crack if you heat em to fast, so you have to get a temp regulated hot plate, heat em up slow, then pick and place em quick with tweezers/needlenose & solder em down quick.

Comment Re:I read /. the same way I read a newspaper (Score 1) 157

Pretty similar but instead of reading the comments first, I RTFA. Then *maybe* I'll go back and read the comments, if I need a laugh or something to rage about.

I'd say out of 20 headlines, I'll read maybe 10 summaries, 2 of those maybe the article, 1 of those the comments. Actually comments probably less, but I already had to jump to 20 headlines because I didn't want to get into an 'I'll read 0.5 of the comments' and I'm not changing it again.

Funny part on the poll though, back just before the turn of the century, the first time I found /. was because of one of the polls linked from somewhere else. Started checking regularly for the polls, then reading articles.

Come to think of it, same thing happened to me with fark, first it was a photoshop contest, and even though those are mostly dead now, they're still one of my fav news aggregators.

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