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Comment Re:By the hair of my chinny-chin-chin. (Score 5, Informative) 218

So Verizon cannot charge for tethering on 4G service, this raises the question of whether they can continue to charge for tethering on 3G or 1x?

Your answer lies in those "narrow exceptions".

Its a regulation on the bandwidth block used for 4g. not the range for 3g. different frequencies, different rules.

Comment Re:'pop music'... (Score 1) 405

I have found with My ADD that music (any music) and even having a movie (only movies I have already seen) playing in the background help to cancel out external stimuli and help me to be productive. Not every one is like this but for me it truly works. Perhaps with the right meds this would be a different story. If I am unable to block external stimuli I focus on everything. at least with media I have something I have already experienced taking the majority of the background leaving me to focus on what I need.

Comment Re:Just keep in mind the tradeoff (Score 1) 556

Advertising should be illegal for drug companies. That money should be better spent educating Doctors on the drugs. If its a prescription drug there is no need for the average user to be presented with it several times a day. This is why we have drug resistant germs. But then again in my opinion Doctors suck. Money grubbing asshole who will write a prescription for anything just for the revenue.

Comment Re:Not sued, but "contacted. (Score 2) 407

While I don't download music or movies due to paranoia. I do have a large collection. All of which is saved to my server, (debian core with 4 1tb sata drives in a raid 5 and fully Encrypted.) None of the PCs connected to it know its encrypted. Everything runs pretty fast. I average 56MBps transfer rates. and if it is powered off. I have to ssh into it to allow access to the drive again. FYI Random filling 3TB of space takes a really long time.

Submission + - Using the Galaxy Nexus as a desktop replacement (

MrSeb writes: "Believe it or not, you don't need Ubuntu for Android to use your phone or tablet as a desktop replacement: As of Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich, you can dock an Android device to a big screen via HDMI, and Bluetooth mice and keyboards are fully supported. The overall experience is surprisingly good: Alt-Tab works as a task switcher, Escape generally goes "back," and the scroll wheel scrolls the web browser. Composing email in the Gmail app is easy, and the Google Docs app is surprisingly good, too. Tasks that require swiping, though, like viewing the notification tray, are tiresome. ExtremeTech has a full how-to for using Android as a desktop replacement, and some more hands-on impressions."

Comment Re:Evolution... (Score 1) 225

exactly. Of course with all other industries its about holding control as long as possible. Technically everything you do on your phone (smart or not) is nothing but data usage. your voice already uses a form of voip. not ethernet based but it is just data. the migration to data only plans is inevitable but I expect to see the phone companies fight it as long as possible.

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 398

Laptop 13-17" with more than double the power $300-$800. Screw a 7-10" netbook and tablets with fairly limited function. I'll spend the extra $100 for the extra 3gb ram bigger HDD, better processor and video card. I never understood paying more for less.

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