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Submission + - L.A. Noire Seeing 'Exceedingly Strong' Response (industrygamers.com)

donniebaseball23 writes: L.A. Noire, Rockstar's latest title based on the film noir genre, is off to a flying start. It's been a critical darling among most media, it's set a sales record in the U.K. and now on its earnings call, publisher Take-Two boasted that retailers have had an "exceedingly strong" response to the game. Analysts have estimated that the game will sell around 4 million units.

Comment Samples (Score 2) 277

I have a Geiger counter from the 1960's that includes a small sample of radioactive material on its side for testing and calibration. The manual states that there should be a certain number of clicks per second, and based on the half life of the material, it looks like it still works fine. Amazon also sells small samples of uranium that have a specific number of clicks per second that you can use to test your equipment.
Other than that, there is a normal level of background radiation that amounts to about 14 clicks per minute if no other material is available, but this might not be viable in your area.
Actually, I don't really have a pressing need for my Geiger counter, and it sure sounds like you need it more than me. If you want, I'd be happy to ship it. Let me know.

Comment Re:60 days = upper bound, not average (Score 1) 134

I think that 60 days is a good time frame, because on top of fixing the vulnerability, you also have to convince users to install the patch. Deploying a patch to a large userbase is going to take time, and probably longer than it takes to fix the problem in the first place. That being said, maybe a more responsible approach would be to tell the vendor (and the world) that you're going to publish the vulnerability in X days or 30 days after they release a patch, whichever is longer. Now the vendor has serious motivation to fix the problem and users aren't needlessly being put at risk.

Submission + - US Senator Writes to Steve Jobs (tekgoblin.com)

tekgoblin writes: With the recent problems with reception on the iPhone 4 and all of the users affected it had sparked a flame under one senators butt. Senator Charles Schumer wrote a letter to Steve Jobs asking for a statement from Apple and a commitment to fix the current problems free of charge for users.

Could Schumer's letter be what initiated the press conference this Friday?

Comment Re:Bullshit argument (Score 1) 504

But since a quarter of large corporations - $50m in sales or $250m in assets - don't pay any income taxes at all due to loopholes and offshore sheltering schemes...

Kudos on citing your source, but you're completely misrepresenting what the article says. The article states that, overall, two thirds of corporations don't pay income taxes, meaning that large corporations are actually better at paying taxes than other corporations. Furthermore, the article states that the "vast majority of the large corporations that did not pay taxes had net losses... and thus no income on which to pay taxes". Claiming that large corporations don't pay taxes because of loopholes and sheltering schemes is patently false.

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