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Comment What's next? (Score 1) 704

What are they planning to replace it with? Not Display Port I hope?
Unless you love the new "random dual-screen display", that is.
Plug 'n play on a monitor is a great idea, but terribly badly implemented so far...
In Windows XP, switch off your main monitor and the second one becomes main. Great!
Switch the first one back on and... the second one remains main!
Switch the second one off and... you've got no main monitor anymore!
I had dual Display Port for a week at work before I asked for DVI adapters, which makes my configuration work perfectly.
So no way I'm switching to that unless they improve the current implementation.

Comment Re:News? (Score 1) 569

Wow, modded -1, troll for asking a legitimate question, albeit maybe a tad too sarcastically.
You do realize studies have proven that this vaccine causes more cases of severe secondary effects than there are actual cases of cancer caused by the virus it aims to cure?

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