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Comment Re:Hell Yes! (Score 2) 115

Where do I sign up? If I could get a "code reviewed by third party" stamp on my papers, I'd feel a lot better about publishing the code and the results derived from it.

Believe it or not, some computer science programming language conferences are doing *just that*.

Comment Re:Straight porn isn't allowed either (Score 2) 299

Then you're an idiot. Lets show your 6 year old daughter some anal penetration porn in her my little pony app, see how that goes over. Fuckwads like you are a blight on society.

As long as said anal penetration earns the my little pony app an M+ rating, why not? I do believe this is exactly why Apple instituted the rating system; so that parents can decide what level of app is appropriate for their child(ren) and then block access to the rest.

Comment Re:Not looking forward to this (Score 1) 126

There's a big difference from acting like yourself when you're not trying to act like yourself, and trying to appear the way you think you would react given a particular simulated situation. Anyone can do the former. Only talented actors can pull off the latter. You have to learn to be "in the moment" and have real emotion in reaction to things you know are not actually happening. It's a lot more difficult than people give it credit for.

Ok and you failed to understand the whole point of using graduate students. This is a film about graduate school. Written by someone who went through and experienced it first hand. And filmed, acted, edited etc by actual graduate students. If he wanted good acting, he would have hired actors.

Comment Re:Recourse? (Score 1) 189

I travel sporadically and have never bothered to tell them when or where I'm going. The two times they've declined the card have been $100 purchases at a local department store we shop at regularly. Whatever heuristics they've got going, it's a little off kilter, but calling them wouldn't have made any difference.

Sounds like my experience as well. Never inform them of my travel and never had issues. $500 hotel, $100 meals, $50 on gifts at some random shop thousands of miles from home all go through without a problem.

Yet my $50 Wii game purchase at my local Target (where I shop weekly) suddenly triggers it? Or my DVD purchase at my local BestBuy? Nice algorithms.

Comment Re:Toggle (Score 1) 550

Change your password to a random string from so that you can't know it and then reset your password later.

Actually, all of my passwords are randomly generated strings that I dont know. Thats what a password manager is for.

So when asked, I can simply state (honestly) that I dont know my login password and do not have my key with me to sign into Lastpass (2-factor auth).

Comment Re:Complicated? (Score 1) 225

Actually, this is the algorithm I use. The next time it will be wrong is in 2100, and I don't expect to still be around, nor do I expect any code I've written to still be running.

Sounds like the logic people used when deciding that storing years with 2 digits was a good idea. How did that turn out?

Comment Re:Eh (Score 5, Insightful) 461

True, things may be only a thousand or so faster/larger than 18 years ago. This might sound like slow progress, until you also realize that progress was made in other vectors such as physical size and power consumption. You do realize that the tiny smartphone in your pocket is significantly better than the humongous desktop PC of 1995, right?

Comment Re:Prices ARE different (Score 4, Interesting) 464

A great many media have discovered more or less the same thing. DVDs, books, audio CDs, movies, video games ... they tend to have standardized prices. Such a practice would not be so common if there weren't very compelling reasons.

You clearly don't shop at actual stores that sell these products. Go to a Target or Walmart some day and take a look at the DVD section. There are sections of $5 (or sometimes less) movies, then $7 movies, $10 movies and of course the new releases (which are generally 'full price'). It's all about the demand and older movies have lower demand and thus (generally) lower prices. Especially the crappy, old movies.

Comment Re:It's Not ALL Bloggers (Score 3, Informative) 353

I don't remember the target, but I remember a long-running smear campaign a few years back. Some guy registered a domain named something along the lines of then put up a website full of innuendo. Things like "Are the rumors that so-and-so molests children true? We here at don't believe them for a second. Anonymous sources claim that so-and-so enjoys torturing kittens, but we don't think those sources are credible."

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