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Hello America!
I'm Italian, pizza spaghetti & poor english, so don't grammar nazi me, please.
I'll go straight to the point.
Thank you all for Donald Trump, I mean it: thank you from the bottom of my heart.
For two decades, wherever I went, everyone who was not italian that I met around the world asked me a question, and I felt silently ashamed facing that simple question: "Why Berlusconi?".
Italian? Why Berlusconi?
Even in Argentina, in a small gas station in the middle of nothing in Patagonia, a place without Internet, without sat channels, without newspapers: "Italianos? Berlusconi! Las fiestas con las ninas!".
That was awful.
Now, with Donald Trump you will receive from us the Olympic Torch of political silliness, you will rewrite THAT question, you will set us free, at last. Worldwide.
God bless America.

Francesco Lanza, 28 feb 2016

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