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Submission + - Jake and the Fat Man appear at American Demoparty (demoparty.us) 1

Jason Scott writes: "In just a couple weeks, the American demoparty Blockparty is making its second appearance, hosting hundreds of guests and presenting competitions for coders and creatives of all kinds. The guest speakers this year include George "The Fat Man" Sanger, creator of music for decades of videogames from Wing Commander and Loom to Maniac Mansion; and Jake "virt" Kaufman, one of the newest generation of 8-bit music artists. We've also got Jeri Ellsworth (creator of the DTV "Commodore 64 in a Joystick") and a couple dozen others. The whole event is being held in conjunction with Notacon, the art and technology conference now in its 5th year. The vast majority of demoparties are held overseas, so this is a great chance to be a part of a rare stateside one."

Submission + - FCC ends 700 MHz auction

Apu writes: Having received bids totaling $19.5 billion over 260 rounds of bidding, the FCC has announced the closing of Auction 73. The Chairman's statement notes that the auction has "raised more money than any [FCC] auction has ever raised" besting the 2006 Advanced Wireless Service-1 auction that raised $13.9 billion and topping the $10.6 billion Congress estimated it would receive for the 700 MHz spectrum. The New York Times reports that "the last bid in the auction was $91,000 for frequencies around Vieques, Pureto Rico."

According to the FCC, "eight unsold licenses [...] remain held by the FCC and will again be made available [...] in a future auction." This includes the "D block" which was to be shared by commercial and public safety users and only received a single $472 million bid, below the $1.3 billion reserve price. However, as previously reported, the open access provisions will apply to one-third of the auctioned spectrum as the minimum $4.6 billion bid for the "C" block was received.

The names of the winning bidders have not yet been made public.

Firefox 3 May Be More Memory Efficient Than Either IE or Opera 370

Edy52285 writes "Ars Technica has an article showing benchmarks pitting Firefox 3 Beta 4 against other browsers. Contenders include IE7, Firefox 2, Opera 9.5 Beta, and Safari 3.0.4 Beta. The piece includes a graph depicting FF3's memory usage well below that of the other browsers. The in-testing browser even trumps Opera, which has long been regarded as the fastest browser around."
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Comment Re:This may get moderated, but... (Score 1) 86

You do have to realize that in the golden age of the scene ('92-'94) the scene was populated by, essentially, a bunch of rich (or at least able to afford computer/modem/phoneline/ISP time if they were really lucky) 13-year-old nerds. Having suffered discrimination in the real world due to their morbid fascinations with the C64s in the computer labs this new technology allowed them to enact power fantasies and turn the tables on 'lamers' in this warped reality where computer knowledge allowed them to wield power over others.

Back when there were legitimate connections to illegal scenes (warez, phreaking) the eliteness was also, at least superficially, a security precaution.

If the inhabitants of the scene then seemed immature, that is probably because they were. It seems unfair to necessarily expect rational conduct of 13-year-olds 8) Just think of Lord of the Flies and the whole eliteness thing doesn't sound quite so bad after all...

oh jeez, I really should get rid of this sig.

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