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Comment Re:Yes! Listen to this man... (Score 2, Interesting) 1177

(Disclosure: I am 22 and a recent graduate...I live in a ski resort and work in a hotel)

You know, I am "taking some time off". Right now I live in Vail, CO. This summer I plan to move to France, because its something I always wanted to do. And after that I think I might start looking at working in the "real world" again.

Many people have told me that the more I am away, the harder it will become to get back into a career. Well, I'm sure they're right. I have no question that I will regret the decision to spend these years traveling and enjoying life. But I am also sure that I would regret not doing it if I didn't. I refuse to spend my ENTIRE LIFE trying to do the right thing and choose the right path to reach some goal. What goal? How will I know when I succeeded? The view of life that so many people seem to have is some sort of staircase, designed like a maze and we're all racing to the top. Take a wrong turn and you'll never make it to the top. Stop climbing and you will get left behind.

I actually have insider info on the top of the staircase. There is no top. Eventually you will just die, somewhere on the staircase. So are you willing to make all of your life choices based on a goal of getting higher up this thing? What is the point of that? The rewards to those who make it further up the staircase are significant, but sadly the mind set required to climb that high makes it difficult to enjoy them.

The fact is life is nasty, brutish in short. The best career advice, in my opinion ( of course, I may feel differently in 20 years) is to try and find happiness.

Of course, the line that you can do whatever you want is a lie. You can't, but happiness must exist without being a film director or a rock musician. Or Larry Ellison. The risk when you do what I am doing is that you will have a typical crisis and start planning your new invention or dj career. Or even start writing your novel. The only way to be rich is to work very, very hard. Happiness however, may be a little easier. (oooh I am rambling)

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