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Comment No it does not see the difference (Score 5, Informative) 647

There has been some news here in the Netherlands about it and no it can't see whether you are under the influence or have used it in the last 24 hours or even days before depending on the drug. Most drug effect wear off after sleep and this machine won't know the difference. In the Netherlands this is such a big problem that drug prevention units like Trimbos are advising against its use as it will create more problems than solve. But maybe it works better in countries that prosecute users anyway.

Comment SELL! (Score 2, Insightful) 412

Don't listen to any of these armchair socialists. In the real world when someone wants to buy your company you sell. For any amount I might add. Reading your post I guess you are under 30. Sell, sell, sell. Or you will regret it later. You have to look at it this way: your first company is just to proof that you can build a company and sell it. It's like a good grade on your business building CV. Forget about the money. The money is nothing. I hope the big company puts some shares in the deal, or at least options. Shares are good at the moment in this market. The best thing about selling now is that you get an excellent CV. The next time you want to start a company with your track record you can go to any venture capital firm and get enough funding to start a real company with offices, employees etc. Then you sell your second company for the big bucks. After the big bucks you start your third company. This is the company that you keep as it is a combination of a great business idea and work that you really like. So your first company you sell. I am currently doing my third company which you can see here:

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