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Submission + - "Little Brother" Comes to Life (

ProteusQ writes: "Sixteen-year-old Ashton Lundeby's bedroom in his mother's Granville County home is nothing, if not patriotic. But according to the United States government, the tenth-grade home-schooler is being held on a criminal complaint that he made a bomb threat from his home on the night of Feb. 15. 'There were no bomb-making materials, not even a blasting cap, not even a wire,' his mother, Annette Lundby, said. 'We have no rights under the Patriot Act to even defend them, because the Patriot Act basically supersedes the Constitution. It wasn't intended to drag your barely 16-year-old, 120-pound son out in the middle of the night on a charge that we can't even defend.'"

Submission + - Is Gutsy Gibbon Ubuntu's Vista?

ProteusQ writes: "I've upgraded my Dell laptop from Feisty to Gutsy Gibbon (Kubuntu). The only real change I've noticed is that acpi is broken. Some say that's the fault of the kernel, but I disagree: no one can force a distro to use 2.6.22. I've honestly found no reason to upgrade my other two laptops because Feisty worked better than Gutsy. Is anyone else having this reaction?"

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