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Comment Re: Zuckerberg (Score 2) 284

Closest to the truth I've heard. From what I was told by family on one of the islands where haoles are about as rare as penguins. It's roughly translated to "without soul" apon first seeing white skin they thought they were ghosts. Apparently cook should never have brought turkeys or Hawaiians might not have gotten curious if white meat was also better when it came to people. The last part was me just speculating.

Comment Re:Better idea, shut it down - it's illegal.... (Score 2, Insightful) 537

I do hope this serves as a valuable lesson though, that just because somebody has a D after their name don't mean shit, actions speak louder than words and the only ones who can say Obama is left wing anymore is Fox news. To the rest of us it should be obvious by now what we are seeing is Dubya's third and fourth terms

Nice attempt at defending the "D" name, by separating Obama from them and instead associating him with the Republican Bushies. perhaps the message is that D's are worse because their feet aren't held to the fire nearly as much as the "R". Bush farts, and there are millions marching around the world.. Obama strips away the Constitution, and puts big brother into overdrive. and not a peep until fairly recently. Even still nowhere near the concern publicly there needs to be. I used to think it was people didn't want to admit they've been fooled. Now I'm concerned people are far more stupid than just pride. It's almost a religious denial of anything negative which scares the S*hit out of me.

Comment Article(s) didn't state a reason? (Score 1) 104

I didn't notice a reason in either article about why they decided to _create_ 4k jobs overseas, and spend 4 billion to do it. I'm sure those across the pond will assume its cause we're fat, stupid and lazy, well.. yes, but seems places like Ireland and Oregon are tax friendly too? I wonder how much of this we can expect with the tax the rich mentality we've recently adopted.

Here in California its already shown us what happens. They increased tax yet revenue tanked (the rich are simply moving and taking money with them). I really hope the reason to continue a hostile business environment is because we're stupid. Thats much better than the alternatives like we knowingly vote to take others money so more of us can do less. I'm not sure what fair share means exactly, but when 30,000 out of 38 million Californians pay 25% of the taxes and over 50% pay 0% at all using the word "fair" isn't the F word that comes to mind.

Comment Re:Slightly (Score 1) 461

It appears editorializing happens everywhere.
Summery states: "Study Shows Tech Execs Slightly Prefer Romney Over Obama" on a 64% approval for Romney.
Yet later in the summery :"This is a complete turnaround from 2008 when the numbers were heavily in favor of Obama, with 60 percent of respondents saying then-Sen. Obama would be better for the sector than the Republican candidate, Sen. John McCain."

So when Romney beats Obama by 64% its slight
When Obama beats McCain by 60% its heavily in favor.

I've been up all night and clock out in an hour so maybe I'm missing something. Wonder where these wacko Fox news rednecks get this media bias stuff from? This is exactly why Obama got his clock cleaned in the debate. He hasn't been pressured by an English speaking news organization his whole term and had no idea what responses to give in a "debate" which forces you to explain your positions. BTW did anyone notice a slashdot story on the debates? I didn't search but on front page I couldn't find one. Think there would be a "story" on it here if Obama cleaned Romneys clock?
third point? watch how this post is modded down. and you wonder why fox news kicks the crap out of CNN, MSNBC, Etc.

Comment Re:O RLY? (Score 1) 1201

A friend of mine had a low paying job so he could spend 7 hours of an 8 hour job doing school work. Well after being fired he found that he made about $200 less a month to go snowboarding. Yes, its minimum wage ish, but doesn't it bother anyone that if you're surviving on 1200 a month you can quit work and only lose 200 a month. His budget was based on the gas to and from work and the lunch, etc.

This is in california now I ask you how many people do you think you're paying for to enjoy themselves on your dime.

Comment Re:What the Hell??? (Score 2) 376

You can keep your unlimited data plan, for a price. Rather than signing a new 2 year contract, and saving $500 on your new phone, you can pay full price for the phone, not be locked into a 2 year agreement, and keep the unlimited data package.

If you're not under contract anymore what is to stop them from just saying sorry contract over, then insert whatever plan they want on the 25th month of a 24mo contract?

I recently bought an unlimited data plan on e-bay and I was told over and over by AOL (assumption of liability) yes sir we will transfer the unlimited data. recorded her and everything. Next day I have a 2gb plan and they've been "trying" to get that unlimited data i was promised. Its just so hard to get to the people above loyalty dept who can actually honor what they said they would honor. the fun part is its $175 to cancel the plan 1 day later. no 60 days, no 14 days. Someone might not even know if they have service! The audacity of Verizon to a new customer like myself is shocking.

I've spent months trying to get a unlimited plan for a good price now all I want is to get as far away from this company as possible without paying fee. I might not have 4G on sprint, but i've had them for 3 years and not a single problem. 80gigs one month (movie rampage) and they didn't bat an eye. I feel scammed. $99 to e-bay for an unlimited account. promised a service i did not get then have to pay $200 just to get away from them. or continue their current game of.. we're trying to get it for you sir. please just pay a few more monthly bills at our insane prices while you wait.
get away from this company if you can folks. seriously.

Comment Re:Oh no (Score 1) 292

Education is the only way to achieve that. "Gifts" from the west only result in laziness, which is one primary enemy of education.

Lately I'm thinking education is the primary enemy of education. All these "educated" people are the ones telling us to spread the wealth (give away to the less fortunate) and encourage laziness here in the US. But when we do it in Africa and hurt their economy its not cool. well wtf do the socialists think will happen everywhere else you introduce free chit? We are so superior to africans that we will continue to work? That we will go out and buy steak when everyday is all you can eat pizza and pepsi? I will take a 100k student loan for a job with a standard of living that is barely above my cousin who has cable, 4 year old car, ps3, decent apt, cell phone, tv. we basically have the same stuff cept my two bedroom is a house, not an apt. Hardly worth 4 years of my life and debt. and they haven't even begun to screw with socialism the way they plan to soon as we get used to it.

I'm sure folks will point out im not as educated as them and just dont understand but i understand I work all day while he's at home downloading movies on the pirate bay so the kids can watch something new. I'm starting to want that life. I want to go fishing and never miss an episode of... anything too!

Comment Re:Why bother (Score 1) 920

Didn't the democrats control the house, senate, and congress? How did republicans block anything for the first two years? The problem folks have with Iraq is that Obama kept mostly everything the same as bush. Strategy, generals, and timeline. Well wasn't that not good enough and why bush was Hitler and Obama was Jesus? I'm not sure about this just things I vaguely remember over the years.

Comment Re:Still violates the 5th (Score 1) 887

When on jury duty this week the prosecutor explained that burglary wasn't exactly theft. He said if you went in with intent but were stopped it is still burglary. Isn't this a crime for a thought? He said as soon as you took a step in and then stepped out you were a "burglar" he was attempting to make us all feel we were as guilty as his client

Comment Re:MMS? (Score 1) 115

Not everyone has a data plan on their phone. to these people isn't MMS less expensive? Plus they dont have to ask for you e-mail. I have sprint on GV and it does bug me from time to time when a hot chick txt's did you get that picture? And i've gotta respond with my e-mail, or my real sprint number and ask her to send it again.

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