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Comment information theory (Score 1) 346

Even brief information could still be useful. Information theory is tricky. I think it was Victor Hugo who had a conversation with his publisher regarding the sales of Les Miserables. He sent a "?" and got a "!" back. I guess that was a bit like sending a pointer to something else. If a civilization 10000 ly away sent: "May You be touched by his Noodly Appendage." That might change a lot. Or maybe they send 100 lines of insanely clever self modifying code which can form the foundation of a good AI which then can become a technological singularity. Or maybe some constants, science formulas... or maybe schematics for a Warp/FTL drive if there is such a thing.
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Journal Journal: Adventure II

So, well, my projects rarely last a week, but this time I decided to start something that realistically can be finished, a fan-sequel to Adventure (1978, Atari 2600, 4k program ROM, 128 bytes RAM for variables, 1,2mhz something processor I think). I'll write it for a 2.5ghz though.
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Journal Journal: First Journal entry

Hello World! I wonder if I'll ever use this thing. Gotta try it though.

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