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Submission + - SDF Public Access UNIX System Celebrates 20 Years (

Stephen Jones writes: "The SDF Public Access UNIX System Celebrates 20 Years!

It was on June 16th, 1987 that the SDF-1 received its first caller at
300bps. This little Apple ][e BBS of the late 80s turned into a Public
Access UNIX System with the demise of "" during the
"Operation Sundevil" raids. Since then it has grown to become the oldest
and largest continually operating PUBNIX on the planet."

Comment Re:Annoying, yes, but... (Score 1) 228
So, they are considering requiring bloggers to register their surname, ID (national ID, work ID or passport), e-mail and phone number. Sounds like they want a quick way to contact you in case anything "dangerous" appears on your weblog. This is getting a lot of press in China, especially online. You can join in the discussion in Chinese on the QQ BBS (QQ is the top website in China by some counts; an ICQ-era relic, but still going strong), which set up a special feature page with news, and editorial viewpoints for and against the measures under discussion:

Comment Re:Combinatorics says you'll end up in court (Score 1) 515

Thank you for the complement about the article.

I really can't imagine why you'd want to come across as having not written it

I didn't immediately want to take credit for the article because as yerricde, so many people had put me on their foe lists for allegedly repeatedly ramming the issue down their throats on every single music-industry-related article. I guess they just couldn't handle the facts about the copyright incumbents' monopoly on songwriting.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Yerricde Signing Off? 8

by Damian Yerrick

I got the nick "yerricde" in late 1999 when my former school created my user accounts under a nick based on my legal name (Yerrick, Damian E.) It seems that too many people have seen an extra 'i' (*yerricide) in my nick. To prevent further confusion, I decided to phase out that nick starting in early 2002. I wrote a program in the Scheme language to generate a nick th


Journal Journal: A Chilling Effect on Music 16

Here's what I know about music copyright and why I believe it is impossible to write songs without getting sued.

DISCLAIMER: This legal information is not legal advice. If you want legal advice, please contact an attorney who practices in your jurisdiction.


Comment Re:Answer (Score 1) 530

There were substantial responses- not wholesale invasions, so they had little effect, and possibly made things worse.

In response to the bombings of the WTC and African Embassies, the US funded multiple assasination attempts against Osama bin Laden and his friends.

They also launched airstrikes and cruise missile attacks at him (including one on the night of Clinton's impeachment, which killed nothing but innocent civilians). The USS Cole attack was in self-defense, since it had been launching those missiles. The Sept.11 airplane attacks were probably invented as a way to duplicate the US's cruise-missiles on the cheap.

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