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Comment A tribute to predictions and pundits (Score 1) 312

So much you can put into a prediction but it is still restricted to proxy stuff such as stature, how many players playing at "top level football", and managers. But still the ones who doing the real stuff on the pitch are human; 25 of them. It is impossible to de(rive|vise) a relatively accurate mathematical model(s) on what going to happen minute-by-minute.

Well that's why even the likes of Slovakia can roll over Italy, Holland to Brazil, South Korea to Italy, and every other underdogs trashing big-names games. With the insistence of FIFA towards, basically encouraging, drama is why the game is so damn addictive to many people.

Of course the drama is not all there is for football. On each game you can expect to see real skill from players of the big-names or inspiring determination from the underdogs. That's why if you value things such as skill, team work, determination (and other things that many people attribute to football) you are likely to fall in love with the game.

Sure the big-names got their reputation for good reasons, so there's a great chance that they will run all over the underdog, scoring at will, and being classy at the same time; well basically living up to their reputation.

Slightly off but related, in my opinion it is the likes of Fulham, Aston Villa, Everton, and Bolton Wanderers that kept BPL making money, the same with Catania, Cagliari, Napoli to Serie-A, and basically every other league with big-names and underdogs teams. It is the fans of those underdogs that willing to pay up a lot of money to see their beloved team to go against the big-names and hoping for some sort of reimbursement of local pride (or insert-your-favorite-reason-for-emotional-attachment here) being served by 11 men on the pitch. On the flip side the fans of big-names want a good time on the weekend seeing their favorite players trashing a no-body on the pitch so they reach their pocket too.

So what? This year your big-name team defeated by an underdogs? well there's always next years (or four years for WC). Even with those shocking results the fans still lining up in great expectation for the next season, with dreams of what to come with new players coming in from the transfer market or local talents "stepping up" to the game.

If the game can be predicted even with a-rather-good accuracy we'll see games "played" by analysts and numbers crunching experts instead of players running, wailing, **cough**diving**cough**, getting bruised, injured, fouled in the process. So much with nurturing talent, buying players, training, and prep-talk; just bribe some math-wizard to come up with smelly statistic to favor our team and call it a day.

Don't be fooled, all that prediction is going to pay for themselves anyway. Match-prediction pundits/"experts" are there to sell commercials and corporations prediction are to sell their products, as evident in this case.

Predicting every single game is a joke. Stop doing that and just enjoy what's on the pitch. Just like a respected manager (that I fond of) once said: "Football, bloody hell."

Comment In other news ... (Score 1) 430

An IBM marketing officer have been reported missing after giving a pitch on a new, future-predicting device. He was last seen with three males wearing wizard-like robe on Monday around 14:20 on the way between meeting room and restroom. According to the witnesses who accidentally caught some parts their conversation, the visitors made queries to the marketing officer with repeated references to a "talking hat" although when asked for their opinion they cannot explain what the visitors and the disappearing salesman was talking about.

The mystery grows thicker when security officers has no explanation when asked the identity of the three mysterious visitors let alone on the disappearance of the marketing officer.

Comment Firebird (Score 1) 271

Firebird is a relational database offering many ANSI SQL standard features that runs on Linux, Windows, and a variety of Unix platforms. Firebird offers excellent concurrency, high performance, and powerful language support for stored procedures and triggers. It has been used in production systems, under a variety of names, since 1981.

Comment Re:Hell yeah - R2-45 (Score 1) 890

Gotta love debunking this one. A quick glance to this link should clear this one up ( Warning: Religious text, might cause disagreement, hatred, and nausea, proceed cautiously )

I don't know if you were posting in a honest attempt to troll Christianity, or simply "I'm posting this using my so-so memory of a verse in some religious texts and remove its context" kind of joke? Hell you don't even have to think of any context, the text after that should explain the simple logic.

I'd rather to remove or fix offending lines of code from my multi-million dollars worth software if it causes bug rather than to keep it and bring the whole system down. This one sounds logical to me, joke or not; but you might be just too freaked out by the "plucking" and "removing" especially when it comes to body parts didn't ya?

Of course if you want to take it as it is, we'll see more literally blind, one-legged, disabled Christians. I'm pretty sure the text can be 'translated' into something that's acceptable in today's "crowd", something like do not commit sin if you value yourself, or your body is a holy temple therefore according to this text if you commit sin then.. yada.. yada...

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Cats can has programming language? (

porcupine8 writes: If you've wandered the web outside of Slashdot lately, you've surely come across the ever-present cat macros, also known as Lolcats. Originally a product of the 4chan forums, they have exploded in popularity thanks to sites such as I Can Has Cheezburger (named after the caption in a popular early lolcat) and spinoffs like LOLTrek.

It seems that the lolcats are better-educated than anyone guessed, and have been putting their computer science skills to use in the development of the new programming language LOLCode. This may look like a simple joke at first, but a quick glance through the contributions section of the site shows that far too many people have spent far too much time bringing this to fruition.


Submission + - GPLv2 vs. GPLv3 (

chessweb writes: "Here is a rather enlightening article by Richard Stallman on the GPLv3 that puts the previous Tivo post into the right context and explains the implications and limitations of upgrading from GPLv2 to GPLv3."
First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - what can a gamer do to resist Vista?

DragonTHC writes: "I've been a gamer since 1985. I'm also a huge fan of Shadowrun as a pencil and paper RPG. Following the news that Shadowrun is going to be Vista only, and Pay for play, what can a gamer do to resist Vista? With the new "Games for Windows" program, which is just a way to force users to pay a subscription fee to play online, and since the game isn't even DX10, why should I upgrade to Vista so I can play it? Why should I pay for alky so I can play it on XP?"

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