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Comment Re:I fail to see the point.. (Score 2) 221

300+ mph without all the expensive and fragile magnets required for maglev trains, while still powered by overhead electrical lines.

AFAIK a good part of the trouble they had when running the french TGV to >550km/h speeds was related to the overhead electrical lines. Waves propagating along the line and preventing a good contact between the line and the train.

Plus with this kind of train, there is no ground connection. So they would need two overhead electrical lines.

Comment Re:BIG PROBLEM???!!! (Score 1) 73

does it matter what pixels in the imager are receiving a particular star? Are they all calibrated the same or, if the star-light falls upon more than one or on a pixel boundary, can the software make adjustments so that the measurements will provide consistent data?

Looks that they designed the thing so the light of a star is not measured by a single pixel:

The CCDs are not used to take pictures. The images are intentionally defocused to 10 arc seconds to improve the photometric precision.

Comment Re:Missing the Point (Score 1) 175

> The real innovatiors should be recognized for their efforts to reduce space, power and cost

Trust me, to build a computer for the top of the top500, you have to be pretty good at these. Well, at least space and power. With over 100,000 cores, without an efficient (dense) packaging you'll need a room way too big. And a dense packaging leads to all kind of heat issues, so you have to be power-efficient.

Comment Re:Primary power source? (Score 1) 356

No, you cannot.

Do you know that the laser used to measure the distance between the earth and the moon has a radius of over 6km when it reaches the moon, and that only one photon every few seconds comes back to the detector on earth ?

Considering how far the spaceship will be from earth, it is not even remotely possible to focus a beam precisely enough to transfer energy.


Submission + - Music Industry Attacks Free Prince CD (guardian.co.uk) 1

Mike writes: "You might not like Prince but he's planning on giving away a free CD in a national Sunday newspaper, but music industry executives are practically going insane over the idea and threatening to retaliate. "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince should know that with behaviour like this he will soon be the Artist Formerly Available in Record Stores. And I say that to all the other artists who may be tempted to dally with the Mail on Sunday," said Entertainment Retailers Association spokesman Paul Quirk, who also said it would be "an insult" to record stores. But wait a minute- can't Prince give away his own music if he wants to without fear of industry retaliation?"

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