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Comment Re:Well, then you are an idiot (Score 1) 475

"You can buy ANY phone you want, unlocked and then use it at least on normal SIM style networks. I am aware some carriers in the US have insane schemes but surely at least one sane European style phone company exists on US soil?"

No, wrong. Not like that at all in the states.

Oh, and take your medicine you fucking douchebag. The ridiculous crap you're spewing has zero to do with the fucked up cell phone landscape in the US.

Comment Back in the day... (Score 1) 475

In the early 70's you had to rent a phone from Ma Bell and a guy came out to your house and hardwired the phone (you had to rent) to the wall. You had no choice, and you paid them what the bill said or you didn't get a phone. When the monopoly was broken up you had modular jacks installed and you used whatever phone you wanted.

This seems no different.

Comment Re:Birthdays (Score 1) 364

Lie and run the risk of being permanently banned from using the service.

That's at least the second time you've said this. Really, it's not a big deal. Go out and tell a few lies, get it off your chest, be like the rest of us.

Moral of the story: Nobody cares, especially these fictitious "service banners" you babble about.

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