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Comment Re:Isn't this, "also Linux works round Samsung bug (Score 5, Informative) 185

Agreed. From :

The implementation in Samsungs UEFI shows some weird behavior. Error code EFI_INVALID_PARAMETER should only be returned, if one of the given pointers to variables is NULL and pointing to an invalid memory section. Samsungs implementation also throughs this error, if the given memory blocksize is not exactly 128 bytes, so for example (like the Linux-efivars module does) 1024 bytes. The Linux module does not expect the strange error code (it checks for NULL pointers itself) and does not report any UEFI variables, no boot entries, no nothing. The installer accepts that and installs the Linux boot entry into the first slot, where actually the boot entry for the setup is located - overwriting that entry! Setup is dead since Linux took its boot entry.

It does look like the Samsung implementation is doing weird things and Linux is doing weird things in return because it is expecting it to follow standards...

Comment Enigma emulator on linux (Score 1) 139

Speaking of Enigma (or SIGABA from a previous post), does someone knows any good emulator/decoder for Enigma on linux ? I found this but it is a bit too visual for me (you have to drag and drop the rotors yourself, etc), it doesn't decode and it is for windows.

I'm more interrested in an open source command line tool, with decoding abilities.

Comment Re:Wonderful! (Score 1) 325

That's an interresting suggestion. I didn't think about it. By using a video instead of a fixed picture, you can extract more information out of it. I suspect you will never reach a 'super zoom' feature using this, but by linking pixels between frames and comparing the shadow between them, etc, it should be possible to reconstruct a low resolution volumetric representation of the original object.
Interresting work indeed.

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