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Comment Re:A few reasons (Score 1) 550

Risk - Odds are everything will go fine but my eyes are pretty important to me. Is it that big of an inconvenience wearing contacts? Not for me. Been wearing them for over 25 years with no issues. If I couldn't wear contacts though, laser surgery would have been more tempting.

Risks of eye infection from contacts is very real and proven. Happens more than damage from a skilled professional performing eye surgery...

Comment Re:I'd much rather... (Score 1) 636

Yes, we do. We do not have to watch channels that have tactics we do not like.

Yeah, but this is a tiny thing. If you're going to stop watching a channel over this as the sole reason, then with a standard so tight you probably will end up not watching TV at all.

I like to turn on the TV in the mornings to see how the weather is going to turn out. My wife is still sleeping so I keep the volume low. I absolutely refuse to watch Kare 11 here near Minneapolis and have decided I detest Amb*** CR due to their advertisements (*** inserted to avoid improving their Google ratings with my rant about them). At 5:10am they have a commercial for their sleep aid with a rooster at extremely high volume, much higher than the rest of the news cast. I have no idea what made the advertiser think it was a good idea to have a sleep aid advertised during "quiet hours" with a very loud commercial. Asinine.

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