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Comment Re:Thermos is the ultimate AI (Score 2) 189

That's pretty clever!

I think I heard intelligence described as maintaining a certain average... for example, you're presented with a random variable, your task is to come up with an offset to maintain a certain average. You won't get it perfectly right, but if your average has lower variance than the original random variable, then you're doing well. In other words, you take input, and adjusting to it...

For example, a cell maintains it's state such that metabolism continues to happen. Environment gives it varying inputs, and it must adjust to maintain state to keep chemical reactions going (when it stops doing that, it dies)... (usually by having a lot less variation inside than outside presents it with).

For a cell, that `maintenance' logic could've been achieved via selection (evolution, cells that weren't good at maintaining state didn't live long).

Extrapolated via evolution all the way to human beings, we maintain our state (eat, drink, avoid cars, work, etc.,) to avoid dying (maintain our life to keep it going). Along the way we find more clever ways of `specializing' to obscure features of the random variables we're presented with by the environment (such as building rockets to go to the moon, etc.)

In that sense, a thermos really is `intelligent'---it maintains its ``life'' while conditions remain favorable (hot stays hot, cold stays cold, etc.,). Environment outside could get hot/cold much more frequently than the maintain internal state, etc.

Comment Re:40 pounds? (Score 2) 98

This could be solved by making it slightly sturdier, perhaps 200-400lb (instead of easy-to-carry-away 40lb), perhaps a metal cage to protect bits, a taser for those enthusiastic pedestrians... and in extreme cases, perhaps a gun...for those termination missions (though then it would have to be made to look like Schwarzenegger :-).

Comment Re:The Homer! (FP?) (Score 1) 417

If we went by what people wanted, we'd have faster horses instead of cars. Driverless cars where people spend time in virtual reality facebook *are* coming, and everyone will wonder how we ever lived without them. Before then, we'll have a hodgepodge of crap, like heads up display of facebook and cars that don't quite drive themselves but get in the way right in the wrong moment.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 892

The employer is bound to low ball you. That's just game theory. Unless you negotiate, you lose. Lets they the average dev in their company makes $95k, they're bound to offer you $90k. Or even $95k, which is "fair" in some sense. Now, the difference between an average dev and a "pretty good" dev is not just a 10% gain in productivity... often a good dev is 10-100x as productive, and often means success or failure of the entire project. How much is that worth to the company? They'll be able to hire an average dev with their offer, but they won't ever get a pretty good dev on their team ("pretty good" dev will often ask for 4-6x the "average" salary).

(and everyone has seen those places, with teams of 50 "average" developers unable to do anything in less than a year... and fail spectacularly a year later).

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