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Comment a little late, but... (Score 1) 91

From TFA:
"Playstation 3 -- FreeBSD now officially supports the Playstation 3 game console. This might be a bit late, but the Playstation 3 has been useful for several number crunching applications due to its processor and its low price."

The PS3 hasn't had the OtherOS option for how long? I don't know of anyone that hasn't updated after that, obviously not the USAF.
I knew *BSD was behind the times, but come on now...

Comment They need to do something! (Score 2) 75

Their corporate headquarters in is Factoria, just outside of Bellevue, Washington

It is pretty much impossible to get a signal in it's general area. The surrounding stores & restaurants are a dead zone.

If they build the network so you can actually get a signal, I will gladly leave AT&T for them.

Submission + - Spark Linux tablet now available to pre-order (geek.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: A tablet running Mer OS and KDE Plasma Active that is completely open source (apart from a few hardware drivers)? And only $260? Yes please. The Spark Linux tablet was announced last month and went up for pre-order today. The nice folks at Make Play Live don't even ask for a credit card when ordering, you just give them an email, name, region, and quantity,and you are added to the list. When stock is available you'll get sent a product code ensuring your device/s. Go pre-order!

Submission + - Hell Freezes Over: SCO vs IBM trial back on again (groklaw.net) 1

DickBreath writes: It looks like the lawsuit SCO started back in March 2003 against IBM (but really against Linux) is back on again.

SCO first filed this clue-challenged lawsuit in March 2003. SCO claimed Linux was contaminated with code IBM stole from UNIX and that it was impossible to remove the infringement. Therefore, said SCO, all Linux users owe SCO a license fee of $1399 per cpu — but since SCO are such great guys, for a limited time, you can pay only $699 per CPU for your dirty infringing copy of Linux.

Of course, Novell claimed and later proved in court that SCO doesn't even own the copyrights on UNIX that it is suing over.

IBM claims there is no infringing code in Linux. SCO never provided evidence of the massive infringement it claimed existed. The source ordered SCO three times to produce its evidence, twice extending the deadline, until it set a FINAL deadline of Dec 22, 2005 — which came and went — with SCO producing nothing but a lot of hand waving. Meantime, SCO filed for bankruptcy protection in September 2007 because it was being beaten up in court so badly with the court going against SCO.

Comment Give up while you can (Score 3, Insightful) 254

As in other articles, people have pointed out that the general public doesn't care.
I know I've done what I can to let people know about the issues, but they seem to just shrug it off like it is no big deal to them. Some people are too blind to see the tree they're driving into, until it's too late to swerve out of the way.

Comment Re:Resistance? What resistance? (Score 1) 153

I grew up in Yakima, and NWI has always been a joke.
Charter goes down more than it is up, & is overpriced.
Qwest (don't know about Century Link, probably worse) DSL is very low tier.
Not many options for places smaller than metropolitan areas.
Even though the service of Clear (in King County) is flakey, it's another option, at least.

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