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Comment Re:Of course there are segments in gaming (Score 1) 192

At the same time, these are market segments. I know you allowed for this, but it's like you don't see the importance.

Secondly, there are segments beyond genres. Some people want cheap and quick games (ala the iPhone). The actual genre of the game is irrelevant, it's the novelty of these games.

To say people don't buy games depending on there need investment is also ridiculous. People might not think to themselves 'hmmm, i like short, easy to complete games. so, i should go for that segment. let me see, what games are out in that segment nowadays' but subconsciously they will go for these games: that's why games on iPhone, DS, Wii, etc have become some popular.

Motion control, 3D games, etc. These are all segments.

There more to the video game market to genres - you are the one being foolish.

Comment Re:RTFA? (Score 1) 69

And how is this lame, or only a nuisance?

The attacker can get full control over the remote computer.

The exploit code is the least significant part of this. Any exploit code could be used. If the user needed to escalate privileges for instance then another vulnerability might be attacked. But who cares: the point is the presenter is vulnerable, and critically so. What has leet code got do with anything?

Comment Re:wait for SP2 (Score 1) 156

From my reading, Project Natal has technology in place to not get "confused by the dog walking in front of the TV again."

Or in the very least has access to software to detect certain events after acquiring 3DV Systems. Can't find the reference at the moment, but I wouldn't completely underestimate Microsoft here.

Comment Re:Indecent Proposal (Score 1) 287

Of course statistics are only a sampling of reality, my only point is that the average Male (and Female, but Males on average make more) in Queensland will probably make 1.5 million in total earnings during his lifetime. Of course the unemployed and the high-makers effect the likelihood.

Obviously big outliers can cause problems, but I would hope a Government commissioned study would have a larger sample size than in your fictional example.

Comment Re:Indecent Proposal (Score 1) 287

The average wage in Queensland is $61,464 (figures from around 2009). So, the average person would earn that in his lifetime (around 25 years working).

Of course, I don't what he is earning, but he is more likely to make that much in a life then not, assuming people on average work for 25+ years (fair enough assumption).

In US$, this would be closer to 1.3 million.

Comment Re:Math fail. (Score 1) 141

Mate, I wasn't trying to 'put me in my place (in your view[or others])' (why the quotes?), I'm just surfing the net and taking the time every so often to chime in on discussions. We are barely discussing something of critical importance here.

I just found your level of smugness and bad comprehension funny. As long as we both get laughs, it's been a good day.

No more replies anyhow, so good bye. You live up to your name too much: I won't be able to get rid of ya. Enjoy your day/night/whatever.

Comment Re:Math fail. (Score 1) 141

No, you came back with the retort:

Your explanation still fails, since steam ala valve is based in the U.S. if they charge 50 euros they are actually making more money, off of people overseas, then domestic people, but nice try.

Which is obvious, and doesn't invalidate his argument at all. He point is that they pretend it is $1 to every €1. That people paying in EU are paying more then follows.

He called it the "europeans are idiots" bonus (1 dollar = 1 euro). It might not have been obvious to you, but he meant that is how many US products (particularly electronics and software), not how the current currency rate is.

It's not about you being wrong about the price difference, it is about you being wrong about the OP. You are the one that can't keep up.

You should copy and paste your previous reply for future use, instead of arguing yourself down to -1, Troll. And if you gonna act smug, make sure you don't cause yourself a /facepalm moment.

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