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Comment Re:Right now I am thinking... (Score -1, Flamebait) 169

Please take a moment from basking in the light of your perceived intellectual superiority to realize that your post does little more than highlight your personal failings and inadequacies. It saddens me that your observational skills are so stunted that your bias hinders you from providing intelligent commentary. I'm sure you and Jon Katz are bestest buds.

Comment Re:Why the hate? (Score 3) 169

Rarely do you see such puerile egotism from adult people.

I've seen it every day that I've ever logged into Slashdot. Odd how it's acceptable here because it is "intellectual" or "high brow" because it deals with tech rather than actually getting up out of your chair, leaving your mother's basement, and exposing your flaccid pasty body to natural light.

Comment Re:Viable career? (Score 1) 87

I think it's a matter of perspective and what segment of society you're dealing with. If you're working in SK with suits or managment's not important and barely a blip on the radar. Kind of like Twitter or Vine in the US. That doesn't mean that there isn't a significant subset of the population that isn't sinking time, emotion, and money into it. Your comparison to MMA is spot on. 99% of the clients or vendors I deal with know nothing about barely exists. 80% of the people I know socially can name their favorite male fighters and at least a couple of the up and coming female fighters. Totally different demographics. At work, it's largely corporate types that consider golf a sport. Socially, it's a broad mixture of middle class guys that are rabid about their favorite NFL, College Football, League of Legends, or MMA organization.

Comment Re:Paranoia (Score 1) 363

Without your consent, I filmed your kids as their soccer game yesterday...and the birthday party before that...and when we were at Chuck-E-Cheeze last weekend. You didn't get upset why now? You folks are coming off as horn rimmed skinny geek nuts. You're going to walk up to me, confront me, swing that limp noodle of an arm at my Glass.....and then I'm going to double leg you and rip your shoulder out of its self defense. You won't wipe your ass for about two months and that should give you plenty of time to come to terms with your paranoia.

Comment Re:Gamepad vs Joystick (Score 1) 103

Point....but your APM (actions per minute) are abysmal with a full size joystick. You have to move your entire arm instead of a flick of your fingers. Imagine trying to type your term paper with a set of joysticks rather than keyboard. The only games that benefit from a joystick over a Dpad or tiny analog thumbsticks are going to be flight and driving sims....and only those because it gives more natural and granular control to the operation of your virtual vehicle.

Comment Re:OUCH (Score 1) 479

Perhaps you meant to say a 90 size nitro or a 700 size electric? The leading edges on those blades (CF, wood, or fiberglass) are not particularly sharp...but the trailing edges can be. The danger is in the speed of the tip of the blade when you're running high headspeed to perform 3D maneuvers like tic-tocs or chaos. Yes, I have first hand experience with everything from smaller 450 size electrics to a 90 size Fury.

Comment Re:If by "looking good", you mean "looking like iO (Score 1) 362

"Most serious mac users", eh?


Most power users need a more granular control of their machine....which requires a mouse, trackball, or pen. Most users concerned with consuming Perez Hilton or Youtube are just going to need simple gestures. If that is what qualifies as 'serious' in your world, I suppose it's a little different than the business realm I deal with every day.

Comment Re:JJ Abram's FAILED Star Trek reboot. (Score 1) 514

I won't mod you as troll....I'll respond in a very simple manner.....

Believable physics.....really? Have we watched the same Trek over the years? Physics has ALWAYS taken a back seat to story. The reboot is no different.

Faithfulness to's a REBOOT. Canon went out the door when the first change in the timeline occurred.

Franchise continuity....sigh....facepalm. You're right, of course. I forgot that TOS began with a movie and then launched the TV show.

At the end of the day your nitpicking and trying to find fault in what you don't like. You want TOS or TNG recast and filmed again with basically the same scripts and better FX. I get that, but this is a reboot. A reimagining. Likewise with your personal interpretation of what 'successful' means. Don't try to redefine what it *is* with what *you want* it to be. (and for the record, I agree with you that TOS and TNG were better)

Comment Controllers.... (Score 2) 310

It is possible.

But you will see the same thing happen as when Unreal had a console release capable of using keyboard/mouse. The controller monkeys were crushed. You have no fine granular input with a controller. You have a very limited number of executions with a controller whereas with a kbd/mouse your actions per second are MUCH higher.

Comment "Proportional Force" (Score 1) 482

You've heard the maxim that violence solves nothing? That's not quite true. "Proportional violence" solves nothing. "Overwhelming violence" ends issues. You can debate the morality of this truism, but history backs its legitimacy.

Think of all of the long term wasted resources and suffering that could be solved with a little overwhelming force... The next time Israel and one of their neighbors starts slapping each other with their silly limp wristed marketing ploys.....nuke Jerasulem and the capital of the other nation into glass. Don't make a big ta-do over it...just have the president go on camera, yawn, and say,"Silly bitches." The next time there is a massacre in a turbulent African nation, send in a few regiments for live fire exercises. Anyone with a gun and anyone within 100 yards is a fair target. When we have proof of cyberattacks backed by the Chinese government, blanket the airwaves and every piece of copper with the message that they've been caught and that was their last chance. If it happens again, nuke the Forbidden city.

Yes yes...horrid.....immoral....evil... Whatever. I'm sick of everyone howling about the US being the big evil for being involved with anything....and then howling yet again if we don't step in and operate as the World's peacekeepers. If they want peace....give it to them. Just like it was given to the Aztecs.

Am I serious.....I dunno, but it sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Comment Re:Using a laptop for programming?? (Score 2) 312

Silly, silly child. I have an i7, 16GB RAM, 2GB GeForce, 17" display, and a 7200 rpm HD with plenty of space. If I so desired, my boot/app drive could be SSD and spinning storage in my second bay. At the office I have a USB dock for keyboard and mouse. At home, I have keyboard/mouse/22" monitor for immediate hook-up. My machine is by *far* more capable than 99% of desktops out there....and it's mobile.

The whole 'get a real [desktop] computer' line is horribly outdated in modern computing.

Comment Eldar-Protoss (Score 1) 211

The Protoss are derived from the Eldar. Look at some of the original artwork and then the Eldar designs at the time. The similarity is unmistakable....just as the Zerg are reimagined Tyranids.

But it all started with Warcraft being pulled from Warhammer Fantasy Battles...and when it made a strong presence in the gaming world, Starcraft began development. Heck, if a formula of copying another company's lore with only a degree of different results in profit...why not do it again.

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