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Comment Re:Decline public money (Score 1) 143

At least the two NPR stations I listen to air hardly any classical music except maybe on the weekends. It is almost all talk. I listen to podcasts too, but I still donate, and when I donate it is to a local station. If you want to be cheap and not donate, you can very easily do that listening to the radio as well. But if the podcasts are adding value to my experience, shouldn't that make me more likely to donate?

Comment Uh, no (Score 1) 269

Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago is a horrible metric to judge politicians. Policies take a while to implement so a really bad first year that you've inherited could overwhelm the next 33.5 months. The economic cycle can overpower policies anyway. And there are other issues besides personal well-being which seems to over-focus on economic issues. 4 years is both too arbitrary a time frame and too short of a time frame.

Comment Re: Proud? (Score 1) 1233

How exactly are you judging countries? If you are judging by border control/customs, then I can believe that the US is the second worst. US customs is the biggest hassle even for US citizens, and they try to be nice and efficient for US citizens. But that hardly is a decent judge of a country as a whole.

Comment Re:Betteridge is actually wrong this time (Score 1) 159

Unless the Europeans are a hell of a lot better at determining these numbers then we are, they are sure to be revised. More than once. There is no guarantee that 5 years from now 2nd quarter 2013 EU GDP will still be positive. For instance US fourth quarter 2012 GDP was initially -0.1%, revised to +0.1%, revised to +0.4%.

Comment Re:Do the math. Not that big of deal (Score 4, Insightful) 73

Try again. Sequestration hit 5 months into the year. Assuming a relatively constant spending of money, $894 million is 8.6% of $10.4 billion[which is 7/12 of 17.8 billion]. This makes senses as it is the commonly quoted percentage for every agency facing cuts. But all of that budget isn't really cuttable. Say half of the budget is uncuttable. That leaves you needing to suddenly cut 20% out of the budget that is cuttable. This is where you get 1 day a week furloughs and whole programs/services eliminated like we've been hearing about in other agencies.

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