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Comment Re:Obvious Question (Score 4, Insightful) 804

Huh? Windows 8 is 2.64%, and Mac OS X is 4.27%, so how is that less?

What? The links splits OSX between 10.9 and 10.8 and Windows 8 between 8 and 8.1, if you want to be terrible a reading a graph and lump them together without being bias then Windows 8 has over 8% between 8 and 8.1 (dont say they are not the same you already grouped the 2 OSX's and the 2 8's arent that different) so try to swing bs somewhere else or learn to read.

Comment Re:Yes. (Score 1) 631

They're making incredibly unpopular design changes without giving people any real option to do things their own way and driving their own userbase away. Unity and other ass backwardsness pissed me off SO MUCH that I learned to use Arch Linux just to get away from it.

What's up Ubuntu to Arch Linux buddy

Comment Re:Way too confusing (Score 1) 1264

Since I haven't seen it mentioned yet, Lubuntu. LXDE works great on the older hardware your mom and pa user probably has. Its has more of a 'Windows XP' style interface (not too fancy task bar and what not) and the configuration is usually easy. I've had good experiences throwing this, or just something else running LXDE, at non-Linux people and they've been fine with it. Extra Bonus, all of the stability of Ubuntu packages, and installer, without all of the bloated crap Ubuntu seems to ship with now-a-days

Comment Read the full article (Score 1) 120

The post doesn't really describe the features properly, read the full article. Other than that it actually seems like a really good idea and definitely has the enterprise environment in mind. Its not really useful to the average person and it seems like some of the features would still work fine, and solve some IT headaches when it comes to tablets even if the place doesn't have all the cisco equipment to take advantage of all the features. And somehow it doesn't have the normal cisco price tag.

Comment We don't support it, but it works (Score 1) 432

I'm a student worker in the IT department and UIC and we have an 802.1x wireless network for students and faculty to use, as well as a WPA2-Enterprise network we are supposedly "phasing in" that you can use if you know how to get on it, and we only officially support Windows XP/Vista/7, OSX 10.3-10.6, iPhone/iTouch, Windows Moble (not sure about 7), and recently Android 2.1 or higher, but not Linux. We do have people at the Helpdesk that know how to do it, but if not then you're SOL. That's not to say you can't get on the network, you just need to know the info, CA cert, inner auth, etc. UIC LUG/ACM hosts a webpage with a basic guide (I should know since I wrote it), and most of the Linux users don't have any problems with going this route, but usually when there is a problem it's because of the network manager app they are using. The nm-applet in gnome/lxde/xfde works but I've seem it fail terribly in KDE and there are some others that are just overly complicated, because of this I can see why offering support is complicated, but the IT guys in the OP are fucking morons. We have a lot of RHEL servers on campus and a large amount of IT people use linux. Trying to pass it off as a joke probably means they are either incompetent or 100% MS jockeys that wouldn't know anything about inter-polarity if you shoved it up their ass.

Comment Re:The relevant bits (Score 1) 434

CS grad

Ha, cause CS grad students automatically know Linux. At least I know you've never been a CS undergrad. Now on to the CLI hate, lets turn this little game around. Video breaks in Windows? Reinstall the driver and reboot. Fixed? No? Reinstall Windows. Fixed? No? Good luck with that. Sound breaks in Windows? Reinstall the driver and reboot. Fixed? No? Reinstall Windows. Fixed? No? Good luck with that. Wireless breaks in Windows? Reinstall the driver and reboot. Fixed? No? Reinstall Windows. Fixed? No? Good luck with that. And not needing a CLI on a modern OS is definitely why Windows has gotten rid of it, right? You want a Linux desktop for simple people try Ubuntu. You want to talk about GUIs being the best? Try out the REAL cluster fuck, Windows Server. I'll take fucking with iptables any day rather than try and do anything more advanced than making sure it gets an IP with the shitty GUIs in that mess. And just because YOU can't make script that can just be run in Linux and fix a problem doesn't mean .reg files are hot shit. Just because I can read and actually learn something about my computer doesn't make me wrong and your users right, it makes them lazy assholes.

Comment Re:Buy more ram (Score 1) 475

If the machine is damaged somehow during installation, then yes, it will tick off IT.

Oh yes, plugging in a stick of RAM will "damage" the machine... Seriously, people LIKE YOU are why "users" hate IT.

Spoken like a true moron who doesn't actually work on computers, shit happens. If it breaks somehow, the intern is liable and people WILL be pissed. Stop being such a self-centered cunt.

Comment Re:Anti-nuclear clowns (Score 1) 392

Wow, read some of their comments, I don't think he/she even really knows what radiation is, let alone how it affects thing. "They have the potential to render parts of the globe uninhabitable by humans for times well in excess of the length of human civilisations." Aside from the spelling mistake, seriously doesn't IE have spell check now too, this makes no sense. The amount of damage they are taking about would kill the whole planet, and is well behind the capability of a single reactor. It pisses me off that people like this are the reason we are behind in or even have yet to implement new reactor technology. Same people who still call 3 Mile Island a "disaster" .

Comment Re:They are going to have to pass a law (Score 2, Funny) 669

Public school teachers only work/teach half as much as they did 25 years ago.
Dictators and hoolums like Gadaffi, Obama, politicians and public servants can walk the straight and narrow path or have their wanderings reported by the people ,for the people. I mean, damn , it's either that or bloody revolt. Whadda you want?

I didn't know viewers of Fox News were smart enough to post on slashdot, or use a computer for that matter.

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