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Comment Wasting electricity to "go green"? (Score 1) 312

How would wasting electricity by mining bitcoins on CPUs and then increasing cooling demand from your HVAC system be going green at all?

I'd genuinely be interested in hearing the logic behind that, have you considered burning all the worlds forests in order to make some road salt too? I'm sure that's green too, somehow.

Comment Re:Windows memory limitations (Score 2) 313

Pretty much since the Pentium Pro Intel processors have had a 36bit physical memory addressing system hidden within. This is how enterprise versions of the operating system and SQL server allow >4GB RAM. SQL calls it AWE Address Windowing Extensions, I think Enterprise edition of 2003 allowed it also. The claimed logic by microsoft was that drivers for consumer versions of windows wouldn't handle the addresses properly and this would lead to very unstable operating systems.

Comment Best use of bitcoin is criminal (Score 2) 327

About the only safe (from a consumer scam point of view) uses of bitcoins are to purhase drugs. Silk Road is the only bitcoin related website that I haven't heard of being 'hacked' or a straight up scam, though I'd be wary of using it myself. I'm sure someone will point out that scams can be performed in US Dollars and that a scam perpetrated using bitcoins is not an indictment of the bitcoin itself. I agree but when 99+% of the transactions of bitcoins are scams or criminal it's not an economy anyone should be looking to join, it seems to me a classic case of an honest man can't get scammed.

Incidentally the guy behind BS&T still has some other investment schemes that people (as of yesterday when it was pretty clear what BS&T was) are still paying into. "Why should I care" is the attitude of investors who presumably have some ridiculous notion that he might be using his ill gotten gains to prop up that scheme for a while.

Less money and people would have been taken in by this if it wasn't for the fact that bloggerjournalists will report on anything in order to get pageviews without fully understanding or investigating what they report on, instead essentially just publishing the press release from bitcoin fanatics.

Comment Re:Different kind of anti-social (Score 4, Informative) 440

Well, you do have a significantly smaller population, and a larger country than the UK, so population density is much reduced, I think when this happens a per capita death rate for the roads is expected to be less, as every day on the roads there are less opportunities for a crash per capita.

Furthermore in 2010 Norway's per capita road deaths were higher than the UK
"In 2010 there were 210 road deaths in Norway (source: DfT). This equates to 4.3 road deaths per 100,000 of population and compares to the UK average of 3.1 road deaths per 100,000 of population in 2010."

I only chose this measure because the statistics are easy to pull up, and due to a driver re-education course I recently had to go on I found out that the UK actually has pretty good road safety statistics.

Comment Re:Raspberry Pi already obsolete (Score 1) 135

It has 2 sound outputs, sound over HDMI* and a 3.5mm jack, and I'm fully aware that the Ethernet is via a USB controller, however at the price and performance of the system I don't think many people would care about the ethernet.

My point was simply that a device already manufactured and awaiting certification won't be rendered obsolete, as they fill slightly different niches defined by capability AND cost. I agree that Raspi has significant similarity to a cut down smartphone, and I'm interested as a hobbyist in devices like Raspi and Rhombus.

*In my GP post I accidentally said DVI

Comment Re:Raspberry Pi already obsolete (Score 3, Interesting) 135

That's an interesting idea, but how much will it cost, it looks like it may be more expensive for the base unit since from the FAQ:
"Why is the price of the Allwinner A10 EOMA-68 Card $15?
It damn well isn't! We are getting a massive amount of misunderstandings about this. We have reported that based on estimates from the Reference Board supplied by the Manufacturer of the SoC that the MATERIALS COST is APPROACHING $15 in MASS VOLUME quantities of 100,000 units.
That is excluding a case, power supply (which as the unit can be powered by USB-OTG is not needed), packaging, tax, customs duty, shipping and, most importantly, a profit margin.
Any company has to make a profit, and a CIC is no different. Charities and Not-for-Profit Foundations can get away with not making a profit, but Rhombus Tech is not a Charity."

Also a PCMCIA card is going to be very much less convenient to use as a computer than a device which has the following ports: USB, Ethernet, DVI, sound out

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