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Comment Re:Pi lasts over 13 hours for me on battery... (Score 1) 59

As of now, the Pi 3 is running the exact same kernel and binaries as the Pi 2 thanks to the Foundation deciding that 64bit support isn't relevant to their intended uses of the device. Until they or the community figures out a 64bit safe bootloader and ports a kernel, no 64bit love for you. If it'll run on the Pi 3 it'll run on the Pi 2 currently.

(Don't get overly jazzed about the 802.11n support, it's fed by a slightly hotted up serial connection so...)

Comment Re: Finally (Score 1) 319

The AMD Elan / Geode does have CMOV support. I've got Gentoo running on one with a hacked kernel that id's and treats it as a 686 class CPU instead of 486 and so far no issues. I should collect my changes and see if I can get them mainlined...

Comment Re:Monitoring these transmission illegal in 3..2.. (Score 1) 88

Specifically note: (g) It shall not be unlawful under this chapter or chapter 121 of this title for any person—
(i) to intercept or access an electronic communication made through an electronic communication system that is configured so that such electronic communication is readily accessible to the general public;

Analog cellular broadcasts fall under that rule. Now, there are limitations on what you can DO with information gathered from listening to those calls, in short you can't act on it. But that does not mean it's illegal to receive it.

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