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Comment killing logical discussion with dirty tricks (Score 2) 569

Pardon me for not knowing this, as i live in Russia, but i thought that bold "First World countries" of N.America had gender equality for a while now. Because this vision of "poor fearful helpless woman" being compared to "evil situation-controlling armed man" doesn't really fit in the image of proud modern unbiased citizen of such a society, where gender difference should not make a difference.

Not does appeal to emotion (fear in this case) by all those "get a girlfriend and ask her" claims has its place as an argument in objective discussion about facts in places, which heralding themselves as the leaders of the civilized world.

And also i didn't know that preemptively bashing heads of people you don't like is a valid night stroll activity there. Creepy.

Comment Re:Use USB dongles! (Score 1) 1009

While overall it is maybe a truth of the situation.

But this part:

He'll only send you to court for failing to provide that evidence if he thinks a) You have something to hide, b) You won't give it voluntarily and maybe c) You think you're invincible and beyond his reach.

basically says:

"Judges and law enforcers generally are corrupt egomaniacs and will deprive you of any human dignity if:
a) you can't satisfy their voyeuristic urges they think they obliged to along with their state-given power
b) you won't obey their every whim no matter how intrusive and [non]legal it is since they 'interpreted the law' for themselves that they are obliged of your unquestionable obedience
c) you don't fear their mighty government-approved power to destroy your life as puny peon and make you suffer until the day you'll die"

While this may be true it's not OK and should not be accepted as a norm. This won't deal a society any good.
This is not what legal system should be for.

Comment Re:5th Amendment? (Score 1) 1009

"possession of the password" ? What The Hell ?!
you quoted it yourself:

...or other items of physical evidence may be extracted from a defendant against his will...

...but I do not believe he can be compelled to reveal the combination to his wall safe - by word or deed...

Password is not an item, you can't "posses" it. Password is a fact you know. So, unless you already have Though Police, it's a complete rape of any idea of Justice and a false premise for any future discussion of where and how you should or shouldn't be forced to reveal it.
But, of course, you also have revealed hypocrisy of the judge in that case.
And "not acknowledging" "possession" of the password, seriously ? How do you "not acknowledge" this made-up "possession" of the password to your own hardware, huh ? I see only two options:
1) "not acknowledging" that this hardware you have in your home or office space is owned or issued by/for you. which you can either deny (which is a blatant lie with all its consequences) or play a "silence game" which will not be easy when they fucking you up emotionally and physically (cell is not proper environment for human being to live, obviously)
2) "not acknowledging" "possession" because there can't be such thing and therefore it's impossible for you to confirm or deny something that can't be

Option #1 is a complete demagogy and mind-fuckery, Option #2 is not accepted by self-righteous hypocrites-enforcers. But it should.

It's not an item to posses. That's it. It's where it should end.

And, people, stop trying to squeeze information-based concepts into matter-based analogies. Information is immaterial, it's maybe good enough to explain something to the person without any abstract thinking capabilities but it's not good enough to be a basis for assumptions, especially, life-crippling ones.

Comment Re:There will be no IPv6 changeover (Score 1) 233

what a load of crap...

i will say only few things:
author wants Internet industry to be like phone industry.
while most phone monopolists and oligopolists are in ISP business too, design and business methods for Internet services are quite different from phone services and even they have to abide that difference. their old methods still work and their old services still actual only because of their size and ubiquitous infrastructure. but even they will have to become pure Internet data pipe some day which they don't like a one bit.

author wants IPv6 to be IPv4, or simply, not to be at all.
yeah, let's just be sitting on our asses until our very death and leave changing the world and ways of living for the next generation... well, we already have generation of doofuses who honestly believe that NAT is a security feature in contrary to the principle of non-routed address spaces which it broke, among other things.

author says that networking enthusiasts ignore IPv6 because of "opensource" DD-WRT.
DD-WRT is quasi-proprietary at best. if you want true opensource and Free Software you go with OpenWRT. and it has full-fledged IPv6 support. even works on my old shitty hardware.

Comment Silly it is (Score 1) 233

That would make more sense if IPv6 was easy. It isn't. It's a lot more complicated than IPv4 from a network engineering perspective and I don't see many people doing much to prepare for it in a mindshare sense.

what ? IPv6 is almost the same as IPv4 in network design.
the only significant difference is that with it you can build network by their actual supposed design without a lot of crutches and work-around to conserve address space and to adapt to the scale it was not designed for.

IPv6 is design for present and future.
IPv4 was designed for estranging past and have accreted with ugly hacks. it is inadequate for modern networking and so is the mindset of people who can't comprehend IPv6 and problems it solves.

Comment your point of view is no less naive (Score 1) 133

maybe words "lazy" and "incompetent" are not 100% correct in that aspect but breaking standards and piling up mountains of workarounds for every single issue isn't something that i would call "a job well done" either.

your entire example is like that: each "step" introducing more problems than it "fixes" because it's not fixing anything really. only breaking expected behaviour more for a nasty surprise. should you expect such issues arise in future because of that ? hell yeah!
it would be better in a long run not too pretend to be smarter than the users of your software or the creators of environment (OS/hardware) your software expected to be run in and let them fix/identify underlaying problems properly (like fatal error/wrong behaviour/etc. and power failure/hardware meltdown/etc. in your example).

so, please, don't pretend that this have nothing to do with improper programmer work. be it by the fault of programmers themselves, management or influence of some outside trend, order of things similar to your example is not OK pattern to follow.
and if it is OK for you to leap from standard approaches to "anything goes" as part of your "normal" workflow just because technical, hardware and target systems "requirements change" [or because life is generally hard and doing job is generally tough], maybe word "incompetent", which you yourself have introduced into this thread, is not that out of place after all...
and your own advice goes both ways.

Comment vices of decentralisation still are lesser evils (Score 1) 487

You have to wait for the Package Masters...Also, with ports I have a much more fine-grained control. But let's get this out of the way: you can install packages in FreeBSD, and you do binary upgrades. There are lots of tools to handle ports. With today's speeds and RAMs, it's no big deal compiling ports.

I look at today's Linux and I don't regret my choice. What's the sane choice? Fedora is an experimental platform for Red Hat. That means, from time to time, they'll make you their guinea pigs...Debian can't even be considered secure (no less than twice they had their servers hacked), and who cares about dinossaurs, anyway? Ubuntu's the new Debian. Ubuntu shoves their choices down your throat and continues the Debian tradition of delivering broken software (the new GUI, etc.) and infighting. And Ubuntu is a fantasy. The only reason it exists is because there's a money-loosing millionaire backing it up. The fantasy island one day will blow up in the fanboys' face. Mandriva I find agreeable, but they don't offer many packages, and they have too few commercial partners (so why pay?) Other distros aren't even worth mentioning.

and this is why i use Gentoo (source-based distro with binary installation support; pretty much FreeBSD of GNU/Linux) and my girlfriend uses Sabayon (binary-based Gentoo-derivative with source-based installation support).

I've used expensive proprietary mathematical software for Linux on FreeBSD, using their Linux binary layer, after the Linux upgrade destroyed library compatibility (they pride themselves in having unstable ABIs).

no, "they" take pride in doing their thing with disregard to proprietary requirements (which mostly are in not changing architectural design as long as proprietary authors are unwilling to make changes in the basis of their software which relies on that design. and they mostly always indefinitely are).

Linux are a mess. Each one is different, full of stupid little quirks.

well, you can't please everyone by the same thing.

Libraries differ in place, version, even names.

which is an inevitable consequence of things rapidly happening. 'stable' branches are made exactly to counterpart that but you said it yourself - they are stagnate.
though i too believe that there is a problem with this: there is no distinction between feature-complete "stable" and on-the-way "development" branches because there are no proper roadmaps in most GNU/Linux-centric software . BUT distro maintainers can't do much about that.

FreeBSD is just as good for the desktop.

sorry, but i, like most people, prefer to, at least, have useful video output on my desktop's monitor :) and for that working video drivers are needed, but i haven't heard anything good about those in *BSD.

FreeBSD maybe is a perfectly good server OS for some instances but i still would generally prefer CentOS/RH or OpenSUSE and specific distros for specific purposes

Comment Cut the fat/middlemen, not power/regulations (Score 1) 593

Given their track record what will happen is they'll chop bits off the government/State and give the profitable bits to corporations owned by their cronies (I believe this happens in Russia and elsewhere).

yes it does, yes it does :(

If that happens you'd have a small government with less revenue, less spending, lower page count in the US Code, heck lower page count in your Constitution too if enough of you ask for it. And you'd be as screwed or worse.

Even if the crazy Libertarians took over there would be little they can do, since the government by then would be a weakling with no practical power over anything.

you seem to be making your judgement from assumption that governmental power and law enforcement efficiency comes from share number of governmental employees even though:
1) most governmental employees have no connection to managing regulations, law making and enforcement either way
2) those that do, have such entangled relations with each other and all other branches of government that it shapes a giant mess where almost no one can track down who's really in the position to make any difference and who is responsible for every consequence of every action

i think that this assumption is simply wrong and effective governmental management is not mutually exclusive with its decreased size.
for that you need:
1) make relations inside governmental structures simple, comprehensive and as open/transparent as possible. also getting rid of most clueless and/or useless officials in the process
2) and only then to lay off workers in private hands while making sure that they get what's theirs there

pretty much any big governments of any political ideology is a giant, fat, mismanaged corporate-like turd. and they do what every giant corporation does - mock their workers, whore out their officials and lie to everyone about everything.
and when shit hits the fan they promise to make things right by making cuts at the expense of their workers and customers. that being everyone else, except of cunning whoring bastards who are calling the shots, hiding behind backs of clueless shmucks and have ruined the whole thing in the first place.

this is the same thing they do when they announce a decrease in the size of your government. just skipping to step 2 without punishing themselves.
it's a sham. a mockery of the concept of small government and you can't judge that entire idea from the looks of this perversion. even though size matters, and reducing it is most noticeable change, it's only a part, and not a biggest part, of the problem of shitty governance. the biggest one is always in 10 layers of unnecessary management, but no one cuts that.

governments, there is no getting rid of them and there is no living with them like that.

Comment Artificial Obsolescence, duh! (Score 1) 770

Most vendors love and [ab]use techniques of artificial obsolescence which, shockingly, includes most vendors of hardware with Android who shamelessly stuff it up with incompatible, bloated and/or locked versions ?
Who would have thought of such a thing ?!

Actually, no corporation wants users of its products to use them at their full potential or to uncover more of such in them as if those users owned the products (which they do, but to have some rights over them those rights have to be upheld. which they, universally, don't). Especially, not after designated product life-time is up which doesn't come from product qualities so much as from business planning.

And all those excuses about "ARM boards being oh-so much different and software quirks for them being oh-so much incompatible" are bullshit. On "Oh-So Big Problem" pedestal this kind of picture looks laughable. If those companies really would want to overcome this they have would done it in a blink of an eye.
How many international organizations and foundations are out there where all or most of those ARM-board vendors have membership in ? And they are not capable of coming up with basic hardware enumeration standard and universal portable BIOS concept if they'd wanted to ? Bullshit.

Whole concept of Artificial Obsolescence is ugly, unethical crap. This is not okay. Too bad that, apparently, writers of the article don't have much problem with it. Instead they are not happy about support being dropped even before the end of presumable commercial life-time of these devices.

Comment Re:a good citizen here (Score 1) 291

oh, to my shame i've never read it :(

but soon we all, probably, will witness something alike and it will be even gloomier. i myself used to watch "news" TV programs as entertainment instead of usual cartoons in school years, then i got back to cartoons after realizing that those weren't parodies, that all this pretty damn creepy and unsettling stuff is how someone wants masses to see the world. and violence and atrocities are nowhere as ugly as omissions, innuendos and hypocrisy.
no way i'm buying another brainscrewing box in my life. better to watch some cartoons on PC's big monitor with my wife beside.

Comment Re:One man's issues are other one's goals (Score 1) 291

But they have blocked the naive mom & pop user from disabling the DRM, which serves the media companies just fine.

exactly, they have made usage of "alternate operating systems" and disabling the DRM cumbersome enough for only a few hard-bitten tech maniacs to benefit and only in the extremely unhandy way.
i'm pretty sure that's good enough for those bastards to consider whole ordeal as success, unfortunately.

i'm no elitist, i want common folk to widely use all kinds of sophisticated tech and i want be able to profit from fiddling with it on their behalf. and for that, a wide variety of hardware and software should be available in all its unlocked glory as selection of tools.
if someone makes it hard to come by or unfeasible to use then everyone stuck only with the shit that someone shoved down on tech market, locked down to be used only in ways devised by he/her/it even if, technically, you could workaround the problem in some non-efficient way.

Comment One man's issues are other one's goals (Score 1) 291

for someone who gives a crap, such as yourself, this maybe look like issues but people who devise such things are not idiots either.

don't you think that "blocking users from installing their operating system of choice on the hardware they own", "failing to provide the protection promised, while restricting freedom of choice by the general public" and "implementing hardware DRM" were actual goals ?
well, i do. there is more than enough evidence for that.

if they wanted to "provide protection" to their customers they would provide access to restricting hardware to them also. unless real TPM customers are not buyers of their tech but media conglomerates and wannabe police states.
which they are.

Comment Thank you, Governments, you corporate sled bitches (Score 2) 291

That is indeed one of the reasons why this will not work: there are people using all kinds of different OSes, including all the mobile ones, desktop OSes and whatnot. If the UK government were to only allow devices with the trusted computing built-in both the hardware and software they'd be instantaneously removing access for everyone who is used to using mobile devices to access those services.

Another case of government not understanding technology, yet still pushing everyone to adopt it.

oh, i think it understands that part alright. if you have TPM and signing keys to it you can run whatever you like. this is pretty cool feature for servers and workspace hardware. if you have the keys, that's it.

BUT the whole point here is not about technology so much as about taking away people's access to the hardware they supposedly own (which, coincidently, would also nicely decrease number of "kinds of different OSes" people use and even number of their versions). and there are a looot of organizations besides the government that would benefit from such unethical and dirty move. and all of them don't give a damn about how people do and/or want use their hardware. it's about lockdown, it's about using your tech in a way someone else devised for you.

and that "mobile devices" industry you speak of has been like that for years, maybe decades.
ever heard about signed or even encrypted altogether OS kernels; bootloaders that check those signatures and deny boot; boards that modified in a slight, insufficient way to benefit its performance, but sufficient enough to make unfeasible hassle of bringing up its support in another OS without insider knowledge ? you should have, HTC recently made quite a news with graciously giving away keys to some of its customers. a rarity.
all while Nokia's N900 allows you to run Maemo, MeeGo, Android, pure GNU/Linux (which means that pretty much any distribution is not a problem to get running) and this list is short only because:
1) some core software components are still closed and spec-data is not available
2) proprietary OSes vendors have no interest in allowing anyone to run their OSes without their explicit permission since its purchase by end-users is not in theirs business plans, only shoving down users throats by the middle-men is.
it's short but for others it's nonexistent, an even bigger rarity in contrast to the majority where you, a customer, just fucked without an option (and no, being a forced luddite by not buying any tech is not a real option).
a Portable PC, not just "phone" or "tablet", but even Nokia don't want you to have it and deliberately shutting down N-projects and providing shitty marketing and lousy distribution for N900, N9 and refuses to sell N950 altogether.

it's just one small step for this shit coming to desktop, general computing, world. this kind of step.
of course it can be easily mitigated by legislating a law obligating PC vendors giving away keys together with hardware. but who would want that ? not many enough people.

so, "not understanding" that people "using all kinds of different OSes" is not the case here. they just don't give a fuck about people's needs. most people don't give much fuck about their needs even and prefer to lie to themselves that they take joy and happiness in unquestionably serving their abusers needs, bathing in willful ignorance until their very death.

PS: i must say, Slashdot's comment-making page is ugly, awkward, unproductive, slow, as if it were WYSIWYG while actually being embarrassingly featureless, mess.
like it were made to mostly write small, substance-less, inflammatory comments or nothing at all. or maybe i'm missing something.

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