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The Push For Colbert's "Restoring Truthiness" Rally 703

jamie writes "A grassroots campaign has begun to get Stephen Colbert to hold a rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to counter Glenn Beck's recent 'Restoring Honor' event. The would-be rally has been dubbed 'Restoring Truthiness' and was inspired by a recent post on Reddit, where a young woman wondered if the only way to point out the absurdity of the Tea Party's rally would be if Colbert mirrored it with his own Colbert Nation.'"
Classic Games (Games)

The Best Video Games On Awful Systems 272

Buffalo55 writes "For the most part, classic games manage to reappear on different systems. Just look at Nintendo. The publisher has done an excellent job bringing NES, SNES, Genesis and even old school Neo Geo titles to the Wii's Virtual Console, while Microsoft's Game Room brings the best of Atari's 2600 into the living room. Of course, not every console was a success. The '90s, in particular, saw quite a few flops from companies like Panasonic, Sega and Atari. Just because a system is a failure, though, doesn't mean all of its games suck. On the contrary, most of these machines have a few gems that fell between the cracks once the console croaked." What overlooked game on a failed platform would you like to see revived?
The Courts

Lineage II Addiction Lawsuit Makes It Past the EULA 267

We recently discussed a man who sued NCsoft for making Lineage II "too addictive" after he spent 20,000 hours over five years playing it. Now, several readers have pointed out that the lawsuit has progressed past its first major hurdle: the EULA. Quoting: "NC Interactive has responded the way most software companies and online services have for more than a decade: it argued that the claims are barred by its end-user license agreement, which in this case capped the company's liability to the amount Smallwood paid in fees over six months prior to his filing his complaint (or thereabouts). One portion of the EULA specifically stated that lawsuits could only be brought in Texas state court in Travis County, where NC Interactive is located. ... But the judge in this case, US District Judge Alan C. Kay, noted that both Texas and Hawaii law bar contract provisions that waive in advance the ability to make gross-negligence claims. He also declined to dismiss Smallwood's claims for negligence, defamation, and negligent infliction of emotional distress."

Submission + - Cybercriminals Turn Attention to Smartphones (usatoday.com)

PreacherTom writes: Hackers have begun adapting tried-and-true computer infections to work on Internet-enabled smartphones that are all the rage with consumers. The cyber-underground took notice. Download the wrong wallpaper app for your Google Android phone and you could get one that will harvest the phone and voicemail numbers, and data that can be used to disclose your location. Mobile security firm Lookout discovered 80 such Android Web apps last week, which have since been taken down by Google, says John Hering, Lookout's CEO. "Smartphone usage is going mainstream," Hering says. "And so the bad guys are looking at web browsing and the downloading of Web apps as two primary attack vectors."
Media (Apple)

Submission + - Apple sells 1 millionth iPhone (cnn.com)

PreacherTom writes: Apple sold its millionth iPhone over the weekend, days after it slashed the price by a third to spur sales. It took just 74 days for the combination cell phone-iPod to hit the 1 million mark, which Apple had said it would achieve by the end of September. By comparison, it took two years for the company to sell 1 million iPods, Apple CEO Steve Jobs noted in a statement.

Submission + - iPhone Sales Fail Expectations (msn.com) 1

PreacherTom writes: Apparently, Steve's latest isn't doing quite as well as everyone hoped. The iPhone was introduced June 29, leaving only two days in the second quarter, and in Apple's fiscal third quarter, for the iPhone to take off. Analysts had forecast between 200,000 and 500,000 activations in those two days. The reality: only 146,000 units were sold. "The reaction is pretty appropriate. Expectations certainly were for a lot more than 150,000 units. Even though it's just two-day sales, it's a reality check," added Pacific Crest analyst Andy Hargreaves.

Comment Not exactly a cash cow... (Score 1) 245

The truth of the matter is that customer service departments lose money. The only one that I've heard of that has not at some period is Apple, and that is when their (well-trained, fluent, located in Texas) reps were selling things during the calls. In the eyes of the company, the first goal of the rep isn't necessarily to help, it is simply to make you disappear without complaining too much.

Submission + - Gaming Post-Vista: Myths and Realities

Ant writes: "This Ten Ton Hammer article answers personal computer/PC gamers' question on what's coming their way with Microsoft's newest operating system/OS, Windows Vista. With the PC primed to be the primary distribution platform for gaming categories (like Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing games/MMORPGs in particular) for many years to come, it's important to know exactly what we're getting into when Vista rolls out worldwide on January 30, 2007. Jeff "Ethec" Woleslagle offers a quick, non-technical rebuttal to several of the more ambitious PC gaming rumors cropping up around the internet. Seen on Blue's News."

Submission + - Scientists regrow chicken wing

An anonymous reader writes: Unlike salamanders and lizards, most animals have lost the ability to replace missing limbs. But a research team in San Diego has been able to regenerate a wing in a chick embryo — a species not known to be able to regrow limbs — suggesting the potential for such regeneration exists innately in all vertebrates, including humans.
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - WoW: Burning Crusade or Banning Jihad?

Trashbringer writes: As a follow up to an earlier story, apparently it was not Blizzard's intent to ban World of Warcraft players specifically for running the client on Linux . Linux users are just a few among those whose accounts have been erroneously closed along side those of actual botters and hackers. So far Blizzard hasn't confessed they've mistakenly banned anyone. To make matters worse, Blizzard doesn't have a telephone number to contact them if you were banned, nor can banned players post in their support forums! Currently, the only option is to email them and wait an unspecified amount of time for a response. How's that for customer service?

Submission + - Shatner Says Abrams Wants Him and Nimoy in Trek XI

Blue Fox USA writes: "From TrekMovie.com: "William Shatner appeared at a couple of Trek conventions over the weekend and gave some more details from his conversations with Star Trek XI Producer J.J. Abrams. According to TrekWeb, Shatner again confirmed that the characters of Kirk and Spock would be in the film, telling the crowd in Springfield, MA that "I had a talk with J.J. Abrams a while ago and they were writing a new script — and we are all hoping it will be wonderful...and he said, they were going to get the Kirk and Spock characters in there." The next day Shatner was in New York where Doug Wilson of TrekCore.com reports Shatner as saying "J.J. [Abrams] is committed to having Leonard and I, Leonard and me, in the film." Shatner also suggested that Abrams would be looking at unkowns for the roles of the younger Kirk and Spock.""

Submission + - Ads to get put on cell phones

An anonymous reader writes: It's bad enough that commercials are being served up online, on radio and on TV, now Yahoo! has done a deal in the UK with Vodafone to put them on cell phones. The advantage of this according to Nick Read, chief executive of Vodafone UK, is that "customers who choose to receive targeted messages get better value, as well as a richer mobile experience." I'm no expert in the field but surely getting ads on your cell phone doesn't make for a 'richer mobile experience'.

Journal Journal: AMD achieves target of 15% Notebook CPU Market Share

Last year, AMD set a goal of sharing 15% of total Notebook CPU market . In the first three quarters of 2006, AMD has shipped 2.85M Notebook CPUs, achieving their goal. "In the value market, the most common products are AMD Turion 64 and budget 32 bit Semperon processors. While in the mainstream market, Turion 64x2 formed the flagship range. By the advance of technology, pricing of mobile computer has reached a lowest point and
Wireless Networking

Submission + - Beyond 3G: Practical Cellular Internet Access

PreacherTom writes: For years 3G, or "third generation," denoted some future wireless utopia where voice, data, and video would all merge into a wondrous amalgam, marked by snazzy phones that do everything perfectly — and fast. There is indeed a new wireless utopia, and again, it's about merging voice, data, and all the other stuff at even faster speeds. It is known as High-Speed Downlink Packet Access, or HSDPA, and it has started appearing on wireless networks operated by companies such as Vodaphone in Europe and Cingular Wireless in the U.S. Meanwhile, South Korea's Samsung has even started building HSDPA-ready phones. The technology promises wireless speeds as high as 3.6 Mbps but in practice will be much slower than that — fast enough, though, to make wirelessly surfing the Web and downloading music and video well worth the effort.

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